Top 6 Tips On How To Write The Best Essay

Writing essays almost always comes with deadlines. This means you need to write under pressure, and this is not pleasant at all. Therefore, checkout these top 6 tips on how to write the best essay. These will help you write concise, to the point and interesting essays that will bring you a good grading.

1. Collect your thoughts

Thevery first step is to come up with the title. If you already have the title, you just need to focus your research in the right direction. Start gathering only important sources online, and bookmark them. This is the research phase, so now you don’t have to read everything in detail. By saving these bookmarks, you can return to them and read them thoroughly before you actually write. If you need to come up with the title yourself make sure you will write about somethingyou are very good at- be it a hobby, personal psychological analysis, opinions on a controversial matter, etc.

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2. Get help if you don’t have Time

If you lack the time or the skills to write a good essay don’t postpone things anymore. Make sure to look up a few reviews of top essaywriters and get help. A professional team of writers will compose the entire essay for you by the deadline specified. All the rights to the essay will be transferred to you. Therefore, you can share, print, forward and present the essay as your own creation. For more information make sure to check out

3. Unify your Ideas throughout the Essay

When you are caught up writing your essay, you might realize that you shift towards a new direction than the initial purpose. Therefore, always go back and read the beginning of your essay, and try to unify the entire paper. You should not allow the introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion to be 3 separate entities. Everything needs to flow nicely, in a logical manner. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind, or change your opinion on something, you just need to unify everything nicely.

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4. Always Cite your Sources

Even if your essay is perfect from a grammatical and stylistic point of view…if your sources are not cited that is called plagiarism. You definitely want to avoid such problems. Therefore, even if you transfer inyour own words something that has been discussed bya famous actor, writer, or politician, you need to cite the exact source. The fact that you say in your own words someone else’s idea…that’s still not your idea.

5. Address the Assigned Topic

Don’t beat around the bushes…if your teacher assigned you a certain topic, you need to debate exactly that. Even if you do not like the subject, you should research, and read more on the topic online. Then, start putting together your essay but pay attention to address the assigned topic. Answer the questions posted, and at the end you are allowed to become a little opinionated and present your point of view on the subject.

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6. Use Several Sources

Don’t get stuck with the internet only. If you are writing an essay on American History for example, start looking around the house for dictionaries, Thesaurus books, DVD’s with movies relating to American history, and even older magazines with articles on history. This type of “brainstorming” will definitely help you write unique essays. Your resources are not necessarily 100% online sources. They can be any sources, even an interview conducted with a History PhD student or example. Be creative, invest quality time into research and you will manage to write the perfect essay!

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