Do Revenue Sharing Companies Are Ponzi Schemes?

Most of the people look for opportunities that provide passive income. Revenue sharing programs are a great way to fulfill such purpose. The reason is simple just invest money and see your investment to grow in a few days. The concept looks simple, but there are a lot of complexities in this model that has been targeting innocent people.

Most of such sites portray that they have all the experts who have a vast experience in managing portfolios, forex, and the stock market. The truth is, if experts handle such money then there is no need to worry.

For last few years, this trend has evolved into a more innovative type of revenue sharing opportunities that offers advertising products. Everyone knows advertising is a lifeblood of every organization and when you look across, you will find all space is filled with advertising.

The same case applies to an online world where businesses spend thousands of dollars for promoting their products.

Do you know how Google earns revenue?

It is simply from advertising that other companies are paying for promoting their products. Google is making more revenue than any other company.

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The thing is why companies are repeatedly paying Google for advertising their products and services. The answer is pretty simple; they promote their brands and as a result, earn more revenue than they spend. No one pays to other company for suffering losses, and there is no other intention behind incurring such a massive investment.

Let’s look at the most prominent revenue sharing companies Traffic Monsoon, Eden Traffic, Sweet Ad Share and Fort Ad Pays and they also offer advertising services to their members. Other businesses in the past have scammed people, and they lost thousands of dollars in such companies.

Traffic Monsoon is the most famous company, and it is also facing a lot of issues. It was growing very fast, and its members have passed over one million, and they have invested a huge sum of money. Now they are currently facing a significant issue with PayPal. Only the time will tell whether it could be resolved or not.

Eden traffic is trying to replace Traffic Monsoon, but it seems it could also get into trouble very soon. Let’s check here for more detail about Eden Traffic and another Ponzi SweetAdShare.

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There is a right question in your mind that why such companies could not become a big giant like Google and Bing. I am sharing you some of the reasons for this question;

Advertising Quality is Awful

If you are promoting your product, then your primary aim is to inform targeted people who are looking for that product. That person is more likely to convert than any other person.

Such revenue sharing companies promote your product to the people who are also a member of these sites and they only undertake this activity just to ensure that they get entitle for daily revenue share.

I have spent a lot of money on these sites just to check how this advertising works and its quality. To be honest, I got successful not more than one or two times.

People Join for Revenue Sharing

This is another big issue because people who are members of these sites are only looking for revenue sharing. They don’t care what other people are promoting. Even persons promoting their products join just because to participate in the revenue sharing opportunity. I have even seen that most of the people don’t have a product to promote.

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Ponzi Schemes

They are paying 110% to 150% return on investment. How are they earning and paying such an enormous daily commission to their members? This is just because of using new member’s money to pay old members. The same Ponzi model that are using the majority of other revenue sharing sites.

When people don’t invest in these sites, they struggled to pay old members and get scammed. I have seen most of such site lose their legitimate status within six months.

If you look at any Ponzi scheme, then they all have following common things in the shape of using the new investment to pay old members and don’t offer quality products. Both these things perfectly fit into current revenue sharing programs.

Final Words about Revenue Sharing Sites

The simple words for such companies are that they are a purely Ponzi scheme and don’t try to risk your money on such sites. If you are looking for advertising, then there are many platforms you can use in the form of Google AdSense, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

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