Electronic Cigarettes: A Healthy Way To Stop Smoking

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With a brand new year just around the corner, many of us will be putting pen to paper and working out what our resolutions are going to be this year. For a lot of people, their ultimate goal will be to quit smoking and commence living a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s not always easy and tobacco cravings can be incredibly hard to ignore.

Thankfully, a sudden urge for tobacco often passes quite quickly, so, as long as you are prepared for them, you can start making those vital steps towards quitting today. The most advanced and successful way to keep those tobacco cravings at bay is by using a nicotine substitute. It used to be the case that the only substitutes available to smokers were gums and patches, both of which failed to ease the psychological cravings of smoking as well as the chemical.

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A new and easier way to cut out tobacco has swept the UK by storm in recent years: electronic cigarettes. With no tobacco, tar or any of the 4,000 chemical compounds that are created by a burning cigarette, they are in incredibly reliable, healthy and successful way to quit smoking. Here’s how they can help you.

Real Vapour to Inhale

E-cigarettes are made up of three main compartments: the battery, the clearomiser or atomiser and the e liquid. You fill the clearomiser with a flavoured e liquid of your choice. When you puff on the mouthpiece of the clearomiser, the e liquid is drawn onto the heating component of the battery and creates a vapour; some of which you inhale. This harmless vapour gives the user a real hit of nicotine and flavour in their mouth and the back of their throat, without any of the harsh or dangerous chemicals that real cigarettes contain, which simulates real smoking. This realistic smoking action is what makes electronic cigarettes so different to other nicotine replacements and stops you from reaching for the real thing.

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Shaped Like a Cigarette

As we’ve already mentioned, when you’re looking to quit smoking, the psychological battle can be half of the problem. Thankfully, e-cigarettes are available in a variety of shapes, including highly realistic traditional cigarette shapes. These are both the size of a traditional cigarette and light enough to hold between two fingers. The familiarity of holding a cigarette also helps to keep those cravings from knocking at the door, allowing you to concentrate on lessening your dependency on the other elements of smoking.

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Different Flavours Keep it Interesting

Reputable electronic cigarette suppliers, such as Vapouriz, often stock a huge variety of e-liquid flavours that allow the user to inhale a wide range of vapour tastes. There is something to satisfy every smoker, from traditional tobaccos, to sweet, creamy vanillas and tropical fruit flavours. There’s even cocktail and alcohol based flavours to give you that Friday feeling! Having the flexibility and opportunity to change the flavour in your electronic cigarette as much as you want keeps things interesting and ensures you stick to your e-cigarette only.

So for a healthy way to quit smoking this New Year, try electronic cigarettes.

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