4 Cool Wedding Favors For Each Season

Shopping for wedding favors is one of the more “optional” parts of planning a perfect wedding. They used to be as simple as a book of matches with the wedding date on it, an inexpensive and simple memento meant to be used up and forgotten. In the Pinterest age, though, you’re always welcome to make any part of your wedding as elaborate as you want to. Many modern wedding favors are almost as fancy as the wedding gifts the happy couple receives. We’re all about a good wedding favor, so long as it’s something tasteful and useful. Here are a few ideas for cool wedding favors from every season for when you head out shopping.


Apple cider mix: A spice kit for making mulled apple cider perfectly captures the spirit of a fall wedding. Your guests will think of you as they snuggle up inside with a steaming mug of cider.

Candy apples: you can make them from a kit or make your own. Wrap them in plastic so your guests can take them home without getting them stuck to the inside of a purse.

Scented candles: Again, you can buy them from a store or make your own. Go for autumn scents like cinnamon, clove, or burning leaves

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S’mores kit: This is a fun and simple DIY-project: just wrap graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows in a clear plastic bag, tie with ribbon, and add a tag with your wedding date.


Lip balm: Winter is the season for frozen toes, a blush in your cheeks…and dry, chapped lips. Help your guests get in kissing shape with a tube of lip balm. You can customize tubes of balm here.

Pine cone fire starter: This is a cool and useful gift–throw it in a fireplace or fire pit with a little kindling and you’ll have a merry blaze in no time. You can learn how to make them from places all over the web.

Throw blanket: You can’t go wrong with a fuzzy blanket for a winter wedding. You can usually find smaller throw-type fleece blankets in after-market stores like Marshall’s and Kohl’s to buy them without breaking the bank.

Hot cocoa kit: Another simple but well-appreciated favor is a custom hot cocoa mix. Pick your chocolate, add sugar, and put it in a mason jar. Then (if you’re so inclined) you can tie an airline bottle of rum, Kahlua, or a flavored liqueur on the side with ribbon.

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Seed bombs: These are a fun way to celebrate springtime. Guests can simply toss them into their backyard or bury them in potting soil, and a variety of wildflowers sprout. Here’s how to make them.

Local maple syrup: Hit up your local farmer’s market or health food store to find locally-sourced maple syrup. If all your guests have ever had is store-bought Aunt Jemima, they’re in for a revelation.

Homemade soap: You can make your own soap, visit a local craft fair, or buy customizable soap online. Either way, it’s a wonderful, fresh gift for spring.

Birds nest candy baskets: For a super-cute rustic wedding favor, fill faux birds’ nests with candy, and then wrap them in plastic and top with a ribbon.


Sunglasses: For a summer wedding, especially an outdoor one, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of sunglasses. And by good, we mean “cheap.” Hit up your local thrift store for a motley selection, or buy in bulk.

Sparklers: The best part about giving your guests sparklers as their wedding favors is that they’ll be able to use them during your reception. You can buy cheap wedding sparklers from sources all over the internet, so they also end up being a very affordable option as well. Nothing says “summer” like sparklers, so grab a few boxes and let everyone enjoy.

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Beach towel: Give your guests something to enjoy after your beach wedding with a fluffy beach towel. You can have them embroidered, if you’re feeling ambitious, or just go for towels in your wedding colors.

Custom water bottle: You can find customizable water bottles in metal and plastic online for just a dollar or two apiece. For bonus points, fill them with ice-cold water and have them set out in ice buckets for your guests to sip during the reception.

Wedding favors may not be a crucial part of your wedding planning, but when done right they’re a fun way to thank your guests for attending. By implementing these four cool wedding favors for each season, your guest will have a great time and you can focus on other aspects of wedding planning.

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