Enjoy An Eclectic Mix Of The Finest Art Collections and Services

Enjoy An Eclectic Mix Of The Finest Art Collections and Services

Within the walls of the ArtDecorGallery lie the most inviting works of modern British art collections. For the collector, you will find a broad range of subjects and mediums to tempt your visual palette. Taking in the variety, you will also view an inviting range of sculptures as well. This exquisite treasury of items has earned the proprietors a serious reputation amongst art collectors and aficionados alike with their support of emerging local artists as well. This support is seen through the popular exhibitions which are held throughout the year.

Consistent Quality and Stunning Collections

Boasting an established and broad-based range of emerging and established collectors as well as investors in fine art, the main goal is to enhance the art collections and educate in the arts. You will find an impressive list of local artists, including Geoffrey Key, Jack Vettriano, Leon Morrocco, Charlie Shiels and Michael Jackson. They are but a sampling of the talented artists whose works you will encounter during your visit. You will also find works of art created by international artists imported for your enjoyment.

The appealing aesthetics continue with the collection of sculptures as well. Whether cast, modelled or sculpted, there is a rich diversity of clay, steel, Murano glass, aluminium and ceramic mediums to explore. For the serious collector, you will enjoy the many beautiful items to consider. Enjoy the combination of art and function form come together with Iron Clocks that are inspired by Celebration Table and Salvador Dali. These unique creations of conceptual art will delight those who enjoy the creation of the piece but can also appreciate their evolution as well.

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There are opportunities to enjoy the collected works of individual artists during solo exhibitions that are on display several times a year. Join your fellow art connoisseurs for an afternoon or evening enjoying the fruits of the artist’s labour and deciding which pieces will be added to your growing collection. Enjoy learning about the rich histories of the local artists and how their pasts enriched their lives and added to their individual creations. The solo exhibitions are a great way to get to know the artist and develop a personal connection with the art they’ve created.

A Deeper Appreciation of Local Talent

Highly focused on Northern Art, there are many artists who are highly experienced and well known amongst local connoisseurs as well as emerging artists with an impressive collection of beautiful creations.

One of the finest modern artists, Geoffrey Key, has an impressive number of pieces available for purchase. His works have been displayed internationally as well as locally. Consider adding one of these stunning works for display in your home, office or restaurant.

The extensive collection of gouache, watercolour and oils created by Helen Bradley is a legacy that’s endured. Her stunning recreations of her experiences while growing up during the Edwardian era are a step back into another time with their vivid recollections.

Visually experience life growing up in Liverpool with some of the acclaimed works of Brian Shields Braaq. His unique history of coming to produce the pieces that would bring him critical acclaim is a story you won’t want to miss. His contemporary pieces are a testament to his self-developed natural talent.

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For those who appreciate the moving pieces created by Theodore Major, being able to experience and even purchase the pieces created by this reclusive man is a fantastic opportunity for the eclectic collector.

These are just a few of the many outstanding creators of the beautiful pieces you will enjoy during your visit. There are collections from many other genres and mediums that will enthral and entice you. If you are interested in the specific works of a particular artist not found, be sure to enquire about them.

Bespoke Services

If you have purchased fine pieces of art to add to your personal collection, it is essential to have them mounted and framed by professionals who know how to handle and manage every aspect of this careful matter. While there are many businesses who can frame photographs, it is wise to invest in a service where those who do the work are used to the delicate nature of preserving art.

When considering preserving the integrity of a piece of art that has begun to show signs of deterioration or if there’s any damage, there are services available to make every effort to restore the item to better condition. There are highly trained professionals available to complete a full restoration of prints, watercolours and oil paintings. During restoration, issues such as mould infesting the piece, which is also knowns as foxing, tears and rips, loss of paint, watercolour fading, staining from nicotine and other general damage or disrepair can be attended to. Only the finest conservation grade equipment is used along with proven traditional methods.

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With several decades of quality bespoke framing expertise, you can call upon the experts to help enhance your photo, prized possession or painting. Only conservation quality mount card is used in the process. The use of anti-reflective glass combined with UV protection will give your newly mounted piece longevity and ease of viewing. With over 500 mouldings to choose from, you will want to make an appointment to explore your options. A thirty-minute consultation with a framing expert will give you the opportunity to explore the best outcome within your budget without obligation.

Learning the value of your art is an important part of ownership. With this valuable information, you will be able to acquire appropriate insurance and provide accurate figures for such things as estate planning and inheritance purposes. Fees are dependent upon a few criteria. The amount of time required and the volume of art is taken into consideration. If you decide to consign your art and make it for sale on-site, you will receive a pro rata refund for the valuation.

Are you looking for an agent to assist in the acquisition of specific pieces of art or sculpture? Acting as agents, the proprietors can assist in the buying of these rare pieces. Most transactions occur directly through the artist but sometimes can be sourced through dealers and owners of private collections.

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