Summer Team Building Bucket List: Easy To Do, Close To Home

Summer is the ideal time for you and your team to get out and about, be it for a lunchtime walk in the fresh air or for different team building activities. Depending on your team’s preference and the objectives of your teambuilding, you can either organise full scale team building events or opt for smaller activities; whatever takes your fancy.

Of course, you may want to keep the majority of your team building closer to home – at or near to the workplace – which is more than fine because there’s plenty to do in and around your office.

To prove it, we have compiled a Summer Team Building Bucket List for you to tackle over the next few months. Just read the following five suggestions for ideas on what to do this summer.

Test Your Wits

Team building activities don’t have to be fancy or complicated; in fact, if you’re looking for weekly team building activities to do this summer you are better off with an easy activity like a Pub Quiz. You can hold it in the office and appoint a Quiz Master to lead the event or you can get everyone to nip to the local after work. A Pub Quiz will be fun, relaxed and offer a healthy way to enjoy some friendly competition.

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Have A Hawaiian Luau  

Whether you need to perk up your Monday or inject some fun into Friday, a Hawaiian Luau is a great option. People can get as involved as they want and don their Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and leis. You can even dress the office up with garlands and Hula themed decorations – why not serve fruit juice in “coconut shell” glasses? This team building activity can be a subtle or as exciting as you want and the results will be fantastic, boosting morale and getting the team talking (and laughing) with each other.

Summer e-Scrapbook

Summer is the season for making memories and even the crazy memories made at work should be kept and displayed with pride; so what if your MD looks like a sunburnt lobster? The memories will last a lifetime and the pictures should last at least that long. Start a summer e-scrapbook for your department and/or company so you can keep smiles on everyone’s faces well into the autumn and winter. Document all the fun things that happen this summer, complete with images and captions; whether it’s the team munching strawberries at their desks or nipping out for Frappuccino, compiling all the memories will keep the buzz going.

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Fat’n’Fruit Fridays

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, right? Well, make the most of that and help your team bond over Friday brunch. You can give them a choice of “Fat Friday” with sweet treats like doughnuts and croissants, or “Fruit Friday” with fruit platters, granola bites and fresh juices. Whilst the team are busy munching and mingling, they will be bonding and both their motivation and productivity will get a boost.

Pack Up A Picnic

A simple, but long-time favourite summer activity is the humble picnic. You can pack a picnic with good food, take along a comfortable blanket and enjoy a hazy summer afternoon with good company. What better way to build relationships within your team and blow off some work-related steam? You can make your team picnic an outdoor event during lunchtime or at the end of the workday, or if you need to stay close to the office for work or weather-related reasons, you can have an indoor picnic. You can still plonk yourselves on the blanket and tuck into some tasty treats, but you have the added bonus of a roof over your head in the face of rain.

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Are you looking forward to tackling this summer bucket list? We think there’s more than enough team building activitiesand ideas to get you started – in fact, they’ll likely last you all summer.

However you and your team decide to go about team building, be sure to make the most of the summer and the various outdoors and summer-themed activities on offer. Have fun and good luck working through the bucket list!

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