Microsoft Announces Windows 10: Why Skipping Windows 9?

Microsoft Announces Windows 10: Why Skipping Windows 9?

Microsoft yesterday announced a new brand version of windows operating system named windows 10, Microsoft believes the next version of the operating system has a huge difference, enough to skip the seniority of the name “Windows 9”, the sky called the “Windows 10”. However, with the much-maligned predecessor “Windows 8” compared to the new system, Microsoft on 30th September Tuesday with a simple display gives a more familiar feel.

These changes demonstrate that Microsoft can continue to find the secret of the revival of Windows products, and hope together in recent years to boost sluggish PC sales. Although compared with Apple, Google and others shaped the mobile market, Microsoft is not so out of color, but the vast majority of PC in this world, is still running Windows systems.

With “Windows 8”, Microsoft is increasingly popular touch screen device has redesigned its own operating system, creating a distinct past the start screen Windows desktop. On this screen lined with a bundle of “magnets” that allows users to open applications by way of finger clicking and quickly browse photo streams, Facebook updates and email.

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However, the evaluation of this new user interface is quite polarized, and this interface seems to ignore the fact that most people are still using Windows system via mouse and keyboard instead of a touch screen. Corporate vice president of Microsoft’s operating system division Mary J. Foley on Tuesday’s news conference, said: “We did not put things out of.”

Although the Microsoft “Windows 10” Start screen does not give up, but it will hide it, so most users no chance to see. The software draws on elements of the interface part of magnetic stickers, but they only when the user clicks on the menu button on the bottom of the screen will pop up.

“Windows 10” main screen is still Microsoft’s decades-long use desktop interface. For “Windows 8” launch patch, Microsoft has begun to allow users to easily get rid of magnetic stickers interface, but the new system is more radical.

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Microsoft executives emphasized that the touch operation is still an important part of Windows, the company did not give this design concept. If someone has to use “Windows 10” touchscreen on the mixing device in both the keyboard, for example, Microsoft’s own Surface tablet PC, the new system will automatically adjust when you unplug the keyboard, adding magnets interface. Some analysts predict that most new computers will eventually configure the touch screen.

Although similar in appearance, but Microsoft executives said, skipping “Windows 9” The name is because the new system, there are other significant improvements. The operating system is currently working with other Microsoft products such as mobile phone systems use a lot of the same code, which allows developers to more easily create applications for different devices.

Microsoft industry, said the reason it was held the conference on Tuesday, in large part because the company intends to disclose large corporate customers under their own ideas for system improvements. These customers are Microsoft’s most stable source of profit, and in the “Windows 8” when the market was neglected.

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Research firm Forrester Research report shows that currently only a fifth of the organization to provide employees with “Windows 8” system. Many companies are still using four years ago, Windows 7. Forrester analyst David Johnson, said: “Microsoft needs to enterprise reason, let them use the new operating system, otherwise there will be a crisis.”

Executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating system division, Terry Myerson, said the company hopes business users can make comments before the new system is completed, but the finished product will be released ‘later in the year in 2015’.

“The whole process is relatively long, we decided to try the mouth of the wind in front of all the answers clear,” Terry said.

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