Onsite Vs Offsite Temporary Warehouses

Whether you are storing important documents or heavy machinery that you do not wish to dispose of, storage is the ideal solution. The next question is where do you store it? The practical answer is to store them on site, which is an excellent solution. However, you may find that you need the space for more equipment so the next option is to either hire space off site or build a storage unit onsite.

When you hire off site, you are leasing out space on an industrial site or park that is often shared by others. When you are storing onsite, you hire a temporary warehouse that can be built on your premises and used for a certain duration. With this in mind, which of the two is more beneficial?


One of the main points to suggest when it comes to onsite storage is the space available. The portable warehouse can be fixed to an already existing structure, however, a moderately sized storage space can eat into a working area or take up a lot of parking room. Some units may need planning permission and some companies can arrange that on your behalf. The logistics with regards to onsite storage, along with the planning, will provide the same speed and cost effectiveness as offsite storage.

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The contracts are generally the same and more space can be provided if required. A temporary warehouse can be taken down with complete ease and most temporary storage can come with insulated cladding to replicate a temperature controlled environment.


This is considered the more traditional approach to leasing storage. Like onsite storage, offsite does come with its disadvantages as well. You will need to consider travel, security and maintenance fees. Location (As mentioned with travel) can sometimes prove difficult with finding an appropriate storage facility within distance.  However, if you are in need or urgent storage, the process of leasing out a storage space can sometimes be fast and efficient.

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Size can also serve as an advantage for offsite storing, it will not take up any room, as would happen with onsite, and you can request larger spaces if needed. Security, while often expensive, can be an added advantage. Most storage sites are heavily secured with cameras and often with security guards patrolling the area. You will safe knowing that your valuable documents and equipment are being watched over.

In conclusion, you might want to consider combining the two options, especially if you find your onsite storage unit starting to overflow. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, with both being the appropriate means for secure storage. Nowadays, leased offsite storage is coming hard to come by, with the amount of quality space on the decline.

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They are both cost effective means, with offsite being more secure and onsite cutting down on travel and maintenance costs. If you are unsure about which of the two options is ideal for your situation, there are many storage companies that provide a range of storage options that will fit whatever needs you have.

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