What To Look For In An Office Interior Designer

Running a successful business is so complicated and diverse in the 21st century that you probably need professionals to help you with different aspects of it. One aspect of a successful office that many do not think about is the office itself. The office needs to be conducive to working quickly and efficiently. This means that the office should be comfortable for your employees but not so comfortable that they become distracted. Also, it should be optimized for maximizing your profits and minimizing the negative impact on the environment. A company such as Oktra can help you with your office space planning so that you can design the best office possible.

Green Construction

One thing to consider for your office is the ecological impact. The green movement is one that is devoted to minimizing human beings’ impact on the environment. In an office, this can be done in quite a few different ways.

The smart use of lighting can drastically reduce your impact on the environment. Depending on your region, electricity is often produced by fossil fuels that pollute the environment and destroy natural habitats. By reducing your electricity use, you are making less of an impact on the world around you. Opening blinds and curtains can allow in more natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Skylights work very well for this purpose.

The heating and air conditioning system in your office can also be very cost intensive and environmentally unfriendly. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce the amount you need to heat and cool your office. Obviously, you have to keep the office comfortable for your employees, but there are more ecologically friendly ways to do this. Blackout curtains and blinds can block sunlight which heats up a room. To reduce cooling costs, you can install curtains that reduce the amount of sunlight. If you want to reduce heating costs, you can allow more sunlight in which will help heat the office.

Smaller offices are easier to heat and cool. So, if you are setting up an office that has not been built yet, you should look into moving your company into an office that is no bigger than absolutely necessary. Also, you should not underestimate the effect of small touches such as light-colored paint. A white wall reflects significantly more light than a dark wall, making the office much easier to light with fewer artificial lights.

When it comes to heating, insulation helps trap heat in the office. Carpet, rugs, curtains, and other such touches will help keep heat inside the room, making it easier to heat.

Also, warm air rises. So, if you are trying to cool a room, you should look into ceiling fans that push air down. This encourages sweat to evaporate and cool the person down. If you are trying to warm up a room, you should use your ceiling fan to pull air up. This pulls the cool air away from your employees and forces the warm air down towards them.


If you are looking for an interior designer to help you refurbish an old office, you might be considering several points. One thing you should consider is the specializations of the interior designers. Many companies offer construction contractors who are quite talented, but they are not interior designers. In the inverse, some companies employ interior designers but not construction workers. You should be looking for a company that has interior design specialists who work with contractors to create your new office.

The construction workers and designers should work as a team. Also, you should only work with a team that agrees to a follow-up review. A follow-up review involves you walking through your new office and inspecting the work. The dedicated team you want will commit to going through the review with you. You will then be able to advise they make changes. With any design and construction job, no matter how skilled the team, there will be some minor problems that arise. However, these little instances will be easy to fix if they are caught early.

Online Resources

Office fit-outs and refurbishments are big jobs. They are not cheap and you probably do not want to go into one without doing the proper research. Some businesses want you to take a leap of faith. You should look for an interior design company that offers online resources proving who they are and what they do. You should be able to easily look through some of their past jobs. That way, you can know what they do and see some of their results. If you like what you see, then you might want to pay them to do your own office.

Also, you might know you want a refurbishment of your office but are not sure what exactly you want. That’s pretty understandable. If the company you are looking into provides photos of their past work, you can easily reference work they have already done.

Wish Lists

The best interior designers are devoted to making you happy. They want to provide you with an office that boosts employee morale, increases productivity, and increases profits. You are going to know your business best so the best interior design companies will allow you to present them with a list of desires for your new office.

Your wishlist can be very vague and broad or it can be very specific. Either way, you should be able to tell the designers what you want. After all, it is your office. However, some designers seem to only want to do certain things. They are not the ones who will be working in the office though.


The price might be the sticking point when you are deciding which design company to pay for your office refurbishment. Prices vary widely based on many factors. You should know what those factors are. You should only work with a design company that offers you a detailed estimate of the costs. After the work is done, the company should present you with a detailed breakdown of the different costs.

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