Coffee Table Decorating For The Holidays

The last quarter of 2014 is almost upon us. So, the holiday season is just around the corner. The Christmas spirit will once again be nudging our heart-strings and what better way to show our enthusiasm by decorating our houses in holiday cheer.

Easier said than done, right? Well, there are certain places in your house you can start from. Even the simplest and smallest space is enough to be a canvas for your personality and taste.

Your Nick Scali coffee table or any other coffee table, for example, is a definitely the perfect place to start. There is a variety of ways to decorate your coffee table in time for the holidays. Giving it more personalization and character is the best way to go.

Great Tips To Keep in Mind

Here are some simple, easy, and fun ways to give your home’s coffee table and at the same time, your living room, some holiday cheer.

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1. If there are some things and traditions that are pretty much synonymous with the holidays, gift wrapping presents has to be one of them. So why not go to the next level and gift wrap your coffee table? Funny as that may seem, wrapping elegant ribbons around your coffee table goes a long way in terms of style and adding your personal touches to such a small place. It serves as a canvas where you can add stuff on.

2. Pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments can be spray-painted and placed in clear plastic cylinders. They become instant and easy Christmas accents on top of your coffee table.

3. Flowers and magazines are staples of your coffee table ensemble, and you can change it up by replacing them with poinsettias and holiday themed reading materials. Try to mix and match the colours according to your canvas, and all will turn out great.

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4. Holiday themed candles can also be used in place of flowers. You can use either long-stemmed candles, or a variety of think ones. It is entirely up to your preference.

More Tips

Resourcefulness is also a prime ingredient, as you can explore possible substitutes for your regular coffee table attractions. It is just a matter of imagination and beliefs that would set you at your limits, so feel free to change things up to your liking and spice up your Nick Scali furniture. The online world and magazines have loads of brilliant ideas you can get inspiration from.

With all these suggestions, it is important to remember to leave enough space for you and your guest to still utilize your coffee table. Remember, it is still a table and not a Christmas Tree. Decorations are good, but avoid the clutter. Accenting your table’s uniqueness is the key to get the right balance. When you put everything in place, you will be able to appreciate the result.

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So, just be creative and have fun. The amount of joy your decorations bring to you and to others is the result of thoughtfulness and cheer used in the process.

Carla Montez, the writer, is an avid shopper of furniture. She always love writing about various furniture perfect for homes and give practical advice to home shoppers. She is passionate about transforming homes and offices with the right kind of furniture

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