Enjoy Life In The Serene Ambiance Of Mesmerizing Laos

When searched properly in the globe then finding a place to visit with your friends and family are many. In recent days searching for a place with incredible scenic beauty and serene environment is very hard. But there are still some left in the world where you can still get a good experience. One of such places is the Southeast Asian countries which offer more than any other places can do. This part of the world is known for its amazing landscapes, cultural places and much more. But from the many other places, Laos is the one that is known for its incredible beauty.

Laos is a stunning nation that is known for the beautiful scenic beauty. This is a landlocked country which was isolated for a long time from the world. Irrespective of the type of traveler, this spectacular nation can serve the best to everyone. With its irresistible beauty, it attracts tourists from different parts of the world. This tiny nation is home to spectacular waterfalls, Limestone Mountains and lush green forests. Though there are many places from Laos that have such outstanding beauty, few of them when missed certainly leaves your tour to Laos incomplete.

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Vieng Xai:

This is one of the most attractive parts of this nation. This is actually a network of caves which used to be the home of soldiers during Vietnam War. The entire region was a place of shelter for the communist armies. The entire space inside the cave is huge and during the war 23,000 people took a shelter in this cave. The most amazing part of this cave is that it hosts shops, hospitals, bakeries and stunningly a theater.

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Wat Phu:

Wat Phu is known as Vat Phou is a cultural site. This amazing structure is situated in the bottom of the mountain Phu Kao. People who are fond of religious structures will certainly fall in love with this place. When compared to other Angkor sites, this is comparatively smaller. The unique part about this location is the mysterious crocodile stone, tumbledown pavilions and stunningly designed tall trees. This altogether creates a mystical ambience and attracts the tourists.

Pak Ou Caves:

This is another incredible part of Laos, located in Luang Prabang. This location can be very easily reached by hiring a boat or by road. This is a famous cave and the amazing part of this cave is the miniatures of Buddha sculptures. Roaming inside the cave can show innumerable tiny and damaged Buddhist figures made of wood. The arrangement of Buddha is different in the different structure like teaching, meditation, reclining and much more.

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Wat Xieng Thong:

From the many spectacular locations, this is situated very near to the northern peninsular region. This is formed by the famous Nam Khan Rivers and Mighty Mekong. This is considered as one of the most magnificent temples in incredible Laos. The rarely observed reclining statues of this temple makes it a must visit place.

The above-mentioned are a few extraordinary locations of Laos that offer more than one can get to see in any other parts of the world. To look at the nooks and corner of the country cycling in Laos is mostly preferred. This helps to enjoy the serene environment and an adventurous way.

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