Book Lovers’ Hideout Spots In Delhi: Book Cafes

Book Lovers’ Hideout Spots In Delhi: Book Cafes

Be it reading light comedies, newspapers, skimming through magazines, or stumbling into something interesting on the web, everyone has a bit or more of interest in reading. Encashing this very love for reading, Book Cafes made way for bibliophiles where they could escape into a world that they dream the most about. These cosy and serene bistros will make you have a desire for losing yourself totally in a book while sipping coffee or tea, or digging in a piece of your favourite cake. For each bookworm with a foodie inside, these book cafes are the perfect spots to be at. Go nowhere, but here, all for the love of books!

The Goa to Delhi flights are long enough, but you may not be able to finish reading a book within that time span. Surely, for a book lover, it can be pretty irritating to leave a story midway, but stress not. After landing in Delhi, head straight off to one of these book cafes which will not only help you unwind with some hot tea or coffee, but also let you scan through their captivating book library or complete the book that you bought. Take your own time. The book can be yours, or get one from them!

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Cafe Turtle, Khan Market

You can find Cafe Turtle at the second floor of the Full Circle book shop in Khan Market. This bistro is a beguiling little place and a heaven for book lovers. The whole feel inside this cafe is entrancing, particularly for someone who abhors loud music and crowded pubs. It is a staggering spot to sit and loosen up, read two or three pages from your most favourite book while drenching your spirit totally in the the warm mug of tea, coffee or the hot chocolate they offer here. Their Lemon Cheese Cake is absolutely awesome and you should not miss it at any cost.

Little Yodakin, Hauz Khas Village

This little place has some cool books, including a used books zone. The Little Yodakin continues organizing small scale events and workshops related to books and their admirers. Additionally, this cafe makes sure that while reading a book, you not only detoxify your mental being but also  overall being, and along these lines, it doles out rich organic to its benefactors. So on the off chance that you like your veggies crisp and fresh, and your lunch all green, then have lunch date with your favourite book right here at Little Yodakin.

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Timeless Bookstore, South Extension 1

Feel at home at the Timeless Bookstore, which is one of the oldest and most well known bookshops in Delhi. It offers yummy tea, coffee and some delightful cakes. The bookstore even has has comfortable beds where you can snuggle in cosily for whatever amount of time you like, and benefit as much as possible from your read.

Ivy and Bean, Shahpur Jat

If you fancy open air dining and lounging concepts, then this is the spot for you. With a large outdoor seating arrangement, the Ivy and Bean is frequented by all those in the city who search for some space amidst the hysteria. The indoor seating and their book collection adds to the overall feel of the spot. Wait a minute, the treat isn’t over yet. You can even rent a book from them! All the more motivation to visit, no?

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Another Fine Day, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

This peaceful and comfortable book cafe is located on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. They have a bookshelf overflowing with bestsellers and classics for you to skim. They even have tabletop amusements like scrabble to play while you wait for your food to arrive. Try their French toast and coffee, for these are greatly admired and relished by the patrons here.

Of course, not everyone is an ardent fan of the nightlife in Delhi, and not everyone likes to let their hair down and dance all night. Some like to spend their weekend nights sitting cosily in their couch, reading their favourite book, while sipping in some hot coffee, or better, wine! For these type of souls who find relaxation at the sight of books, book cafes in Delhi are the most sorted spots. Are you one of them?

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