The Way Your Diet Affects Your Teeth

We all know that the way that we brush our teeth affects their healthiness; it is something that we have all been brought up to know, from the very early days when we were taught to brush our teeth. Two minutes a day, twice a day, with flossing is a routine that is hard to get out of once you are entrenched in it, and so there are many adults today who consider themselves to have perfectly healthy teeth because they follow those childhood instructions. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing – in fact, every dentist would applaud that – but it is not unfortunately the last word when it comes to the health of your teeth. There is another big factor that you have to consider when you are attempting to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, and that is your diet.

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Many are surprised that their diet can have such a strong effect on their teeth, and so it is often something that Dr Paige Woods has to explain to her patients. Dr Paige Woods’ emphasis on education rather than just telling people off is one of the reasons that her San Diego based dental practice is so popular, and she is always trying to spread the message about how intrinsically important your diet is. For example, she has many people come and see her and ask for teeth whitening – a service that she is happy to provide, but few people ever listen to her when she starts to talk about aftercare. You see, the reason that our teeth start to go yellow in the first place is because of the food and drink that we consume, particularly red wine, coffee, and tea. If people truly listened to Dr Paige Woods after their teeth whitening they would not need to return to her so often, and yet as soon as they get home they have a cup of coffee.

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Another way that people are damaging their teeth with their diet – and having no idea about it – is fruit juice. Everyone knows that fruit is good for you, and you should be trying to eat a lot of it, but by the time that it has been compressed, treated, and bottled up for you, fruit juice has a lot of added sugar and the same high acidity that it has when it is picked from the tree. That means that when you drink a vast amount of fruit juice, the acid can burn into the enamel on your teeth, and the high levels of sugar can provide a lot of food for all that bacteria that is living in your mouth, giving them more energy to reproduce. Dr Paige Woods often encourages her patients to half the amount of fruit juice that they drink, and choose water instead.

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It is astonishing to see what small changes can be made to your diet to greatly improve the health of your teeth, and if you have any questions about your diet then you can talk to Dr Paige Woods who would be happy to help.

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