Why a vacation in Uttarakhand is worth it

We all crave for that long-haul vacation once in a while when we are too tired of following that same mundane routine and unwanted work pressure. Luckily, India is blessed with several alluring places that make a perfect vacation spot. Be it the lush green jungles of Kerala, deep valleys or North East, or the lovely Himalayas of the North; planning a vacation in India is no rocket science.

Among all, the most preferred choice for vacationing is the mountains and hills. They are the perfect getaway from the stressful life of the city life. And among the various retreats in the mountains, Uttarakhand is one of the most loved destinations. Known for its serene locales and scintillating views, places to visit in Kumaon are perfect for all who want to have a break from their regular taxing lives. Here we have listed the reasons why Kumaon or Uttarakhand is one of the most opted destinations for vacationing:

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Peace and tranquility

As this place is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is incredibly peaceful. With serene landscapes to surround yourself with, the option of homestays in Uttarakhand makes the vacationing experience even more grandiose. This place is the ideal destination to restore the lost calm and peace from your life.

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Clean environment

The state of Uttarakhand is devoid of all heavy industries and traffic. Due to this the environment of this place is absolutely clean and thus, an ideal space for anyone looking to restore their health. A retreat in the mountains or a treks in Uttarakhand is the definite way to bring you in touch with the simple aspects of life.

Smooth pace of life

Unlike all metropolitan cities, the hill stations are all about a smooth pace of life. With no strict deadline and schedules to adhere to, the life in the hills is exceptionally calm and serene. Vacationing in gorgeous Nainital or Ranikhet cottages and resorts will ensure that all your built up stress gets released and you return rejuvenated.

With abundant new hotels, resorts, home-stays and luxury places that are available in Nainital for vacationing, planning a break has never been easier. Plan a getaway in the hills with your family and friends to have the most memorable experience. Famous for their magnificent properties, planning your vacation here will surely be a soul stirring experience.

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