Top Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

All trips and holidays are fun but there is that one special trip with your life partner which you cherish forever. Your honeymoon is the most memorable time and everyone wishes to go to the perfect destination. With so many amazing places, you have to choose decide on one eventually. When I booked Delta Airlines business class flights for my honeymoon, I knew that I was about to have a great time. It took me weeks to decide where I wanted to go. I don’t want others to spend as much time and go through the same stress. After lots of research and opinions from others, I have reached a list of top honeymoon destinations. With a narrowed down list, it would hopefully be easy to decide a place.

Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital city of Greece is an amazing city to visit. It is home to numerous ancient ruins and has a rich culture. If you and your partner are by any chance into history, then this is the perfect place for you.

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Florida, US

Beautiful beaches, excellent climate and scenic surroundings – What else does one want?

New Zealand

New Zealand boasts endless natural beauty and this is the country where the popular ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies was filmed. Watching all the stunning places live with your partner is a magical experience. From the exotic city of Auckland to the refreshing Queenstown, this country never disappoints.


The beautiful Bali Island in Indonesia is said to be one of Asia’s most beautiful destinations. The sandy beaches, water sports and spas are the main features of this wonderful place.

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Paris, France

The romantic Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum and the divine French food makes Paris a brilliant destination for honeymooners. Its metro system is a big plus since it makes moving around so much easier. This glamorous city is sure to impress you.

Cancun, Mexico

Economical plus beautiful, that is an excellent combo for honeymooners. Cancun is home to the Mayan ruins, rainforests and some of the most stunning beaches. You can try out activities like parasailing for thrill and for fun, head down to the night clubs or visit a bar. The resorts in this city are really nice as well as being affordable.


Maldives is known all around the world as the ultimate honeymoon destination and rightly so. The Island has romantic surroundings and is all about natural beauty. So if you and your better half are into nature, this is the perfect destination for you.

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The gem of Asia and a wonderful place for honeymooners, Thailand is not only economical but great in terms of food, resorts, fun, and it is home to some lovely islands. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Phi Phi and Phuket are two places that you must visit apart from the dynamic Bangkok city.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia welcomes thousands of honeymooners each year. The majestic palm trees, stunning beaches and friendly locals make this place pretty exceptional. You can do Hiking, sea kayaking, swimming, sailing or simply relax on the beach with a book.

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