My Visit To Kenya

My Visit To Kenya

I love to travel. Especial because my leave comes during winter and there are not many activities I enjoy doing in the cold. So I prefer to visit countries that are much warmer than my own. This year I decided to spend a few weeks in Kenya a place I had heard rumors about how great it was and curious me wanted to see for myself. After all they do say that seeing is believing- I have no Idea who they are or why they say that.

Anyway, so I arrived to Kenya and it surprised me how bright the sun is there and yet it is not as scotching as the sun is back home during summer. The terrain is very variant as I would soon find out. There are places that are semi-arid north of the country where maasai Mara is. The farming is mostly done in the central and rift valley which are very fertile and green.

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The Big Five

I have always wondered what it would be like to see the big five animals, and I did. Beautiful to behold the lions, cheaters, tigers and lionesses protecting their cubs from danger and hunting to  stay alive. I bet the person who came up with the saying it is a world of eat or be eaten was watching these ferocious animals live.

The elephants are even bigger that I though, almost monstrous. They really can drop a tree, I witnessed it.  The giraffes are like the queens and kings of this forest, seeing very far and walking majestically with their really long necks.

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The culture

Although Kenya’s national languages are only two, they have over 42 languages and cultures and Europeans, Asians and other foreigners also live here, accepted and loved. The culture I found particularly intriguing are the maasai with their milk and meat died, their sky high jumping dance moves and their beautifully made unique beads that they wear as earrings, necklaces, hair decorations and eve anklets. They also dye their hairs with clay for certain cultural reasons such as circumcision, marriage and adolescence.

My Visit To Kenya

The Water Bodies

I visited the Indian Ocean which has great motorized and non- motorized water activities. I boiled an egg in lake Bogoria and went to watch flamingoes in lake Nakuru. Kenya has amazing activities and water bodies. I found out that there actual lakes that produce super- heated water. If a person decided to jump I they will boil in under a second. I also saw many birds around these water bodies.

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I love travelling and I never thought that a country as humble as Kenya could have such breath taking beauty. I must also mention that I would have never managed to go there if it were not for the great discounted offers I got by using coupons from and the affordable prices offered  by many companies such as and Yatra stores. I am still perplexed at how \affordable and easy it was to get the traveling forms and the discounts. A real dreams come true.

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