Keep Your Electric Grooming Products In Tip Top Condition

Shaving is a part of everyday life for almost every man. Even those who keep beard need it almost daily to have tidy-looking facial hair. However, not all men take enough time to care for shavers. Of course, this appliance is for caring oneself, not vice versa, but why not take couple extra minutes to make sure shaver does not harm you?! There are several aspects to consider for keeping your shaver in tip top condition – cleanliness, handling, prolonging its life and maintenance.

1. Clean Your Shaver After Each Use

If you shave as often as every day or even every other day, you might think that shaver accumulates rather little amount of hair since the hair at this point is quite short. However, keeping this hair in or on the shaver causes long term damage of the appliance. The hair might get into smaller parts, stick to them and it is not as easy to remove after some time, even after couple days. Best electric razors 4 u says, this might cause erosion of the material and most certainly accumulation of dirt, which in the end will damage the shaver possibly with no chance of repair. Considering this machine is quite pricey, replacing it probably is not the best option.

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But it’s not just hair that creates problems. Ever noticed the irritation on some parts of your skin after shaving? The best shaver might also cause small irritation, even small bleeding and it’s not always indicative of bad quality. It so happens, that facial hair is quite thick and sometimes shaving it off needs extra attempts, causing irritation, redness of skin and maybe even little bleeding. Hygiene is primary reason for keeping your shaver clean and it most certainly serves the longer existence of the appliance. Remember how we mentioned the risk of sticking the hair to the material? Well blood can stick much easily, can’t it? And it’s beyond any doubt that bacteria accumulated on the shaver could be danger to health.

So, why don’t we take extra couple minutes after each shaving and remove hair and anything else that could be remaining on the appliance, especially when we can wash it and brush it while we enjoy our new looks in the mirror.

Keep Your Electric Grooming Products In Tip Top Condition2. Handle Carefully

Shaver needs to go in some curved areas, but it does not mean that we have to neglect it. If you want to keep your shaver for quite some time and not spend extra money on replacing damaged one, you should know that it is essential to avoid cloth or other material getting stuck in the shaver. It often so happens that while shaving we don’t remove our clothes, what do you think occurs if the razor hits shirt material? It could do anything from cutting the material to burning out the appliance itself. And there you go, spending extra money for no good reason. Not just that, it is frequent that while shaving we leave electric shavers on and put it down for couple minutes, apart from the fact that it damages the battery life, it could also move due to vibrations and fall off – causing cracks or even full damage. So take care of your shaver, it serves you better.

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3. Prolong your shaver’s life

Some shavers are quite costly and the whole point of electric shaver is to not be forced to buy shaver frequently. So why not consider few things to prolong its smooth operation? If you use a battery operated shaver, particularly the one with Li-Ion (which is more recommended, since it has longer lifetime) as for any other Li-Ion battery, recommendations are usual – don’t leave the shaver for over-charging, avoid using quick charges, avoid killing the battery completely and so on. As for the life of razor, there are number of ways to save your razor from going bad soon. The easy ones are to use your shaver for shaving only and for your facial hair only (point some people miss). Also as strange as it may sound, using shaver frequently is better than rarely. Cutting longer hair damages razor more. And of course, if your razor is worn out, don’t mess with it, just change it!

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4. Maintenance

Did you know your shaver needs quite frequent lubrication? There are tons of lubrication oils on the market that help saving the parts from wearing out and avoid damage to the appliance. Also, if you notice something’s wrong with the shaver (unusual noise is a good indication, for instance), try and have it repaired. If there’s small damage now it could cause irreparable one if not properly and timely cared for.

These small advice above might seem like a waste of time, but do consider them and make sure your shaver is in tip top condition, after all, you trust your face to it!


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