Most people who go out to buy washers often overlook some important but small details that would make a difference in their purchase. In this article we shall look at some of the washing machines tips on getting the best Hotpoint appliance using the hotpoint washer manual. These tips do not only apply to Hotpoint washer appliances but also to other washers; they often perform almost the same duties, but with different results.

Washing Capacity

You will often see this indicated when browsing for a washer machine at Hotpoint. Why is this capacity included even in the manual? Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, the capacity shows just how much clothes you can wash using the washing machine. The bigger the washing machine’s capacity, the more you will be able to wash in a given cycle. This is especially important if you are planning on saving energy consumptions that are associated with the use of washing machines. Just look at your household size to help you determine how much drum capacity you will need.

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Spin Speed

This is the wash and dry speed we are talking about. Higher spin speeds man that the moisture on the clothes will be taken up much faster, thus leaving your clothes much dryer after coming out of the washing machine. Much lower spin speeds mean that less time will be taken with the clothes. Take a good look at the types of fabric your clothes have to determine whether to go for a high speed or low speed washing machine. For a start, clothes with heavy fabric like jeans will go well with the high speed washing machines.

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You will see this on most Hotpoint washers. Innovation is in regards to the technology used to do the washing. You will thus look out for innovation that is applicable to different types of fabric as opposed to a generalized approach to fabric, innovation that helps conserve energy as well as innovation that is best suited for the peace of mind of your family. These will thus include things like a gentle wash capability, intelligent systems that can gauge how much water and energy is needed for a certain wash as well as quite operation of the washing machine.

Energy Ratings

The energy rating of the washing machine is what will help you determine how much power the machine will consume. If you are energy conscious, you should look for machines that are rated A or A+++ for the best energy efficiency and water usage. This JVC SP-DWF10 is well known for its energy ratings.

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These are a few of the features to look out for, from the manual when buying the Hotpoint washer appliances. Some other features that may not be included, but that may be of concern are the noise levels and the reliability of the appliances. The noise level may not be included in the manual, but just check carefully to see if it is indicated anywhere on the machine. The warranty may sometimes help you gauge the reliability of the washer appliances.


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