Smartphone Business Technology: Are We Always On Call?

The smartphone — it’s a unique device that has completely revolutionised most of our lives. Some believe it to be a gift and a blessing, while others refer to it as a curse. But whatever the opinion, it has the potential to improve our business if used sensibly. But take heed, as becoming a slave to the device is sure to hinder you instead of help you.

Why is it Important?

Most businesses today are somehow related to, or based on, technology. It can be referred to as the machinery used in manufacturing, innovative techniques, or simply the ways of communication and much more. Whichever one you choose, and amongst all of the tools used in a business, a smartphone is assuredly one of the most popular.

Turning back the pages of history, it can be seen that productivity was lower and work was more tedious, as it lacked fast communication between colleagues and associates. But times have changed. With the refinement of technology and the development of smartphones, it’s easier to both stay on top of the game but to also increase the stress of distraction.

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What Are the Benefits?

A smartphone is one of the greatest gifts technology has to offer and here are a few reasons why:

  • Updates on your business, to-dos and tasks are always available in the palm of your hand. Even if someone is not in their office and on the move, they are able to stay up to date on the key metrics and direction of the business.
  • With cloud technology, one can easily sync data across any device and have any required information available 24/7/365.
  • They make business global — communicating across the world was slow and tedious not so long ago. For example, a man in a remote country with just an internet connection can now do business with someone half way around the world thanks to our growing interconnectivity.
  • Smartphones are able to remind you of any upcoming activity so you don’t miss out. Just by setting a quick reminder, you can keep your head above water and never miss a beat.
  • With options to alert you to almost anything you want, you can stay ahead of the game and keep your business out of trouble.
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Are We Always on Call?

The truth is, we probably are. Although this is a good thing for a business — always keeping you informed about the essentials — it can be a nuisance for some. Finding intimate, personal time can be elusive and if your smartphone is vibrating when you need silence the most — things can be compromised. You may suffer, and your business in turn may suffer.

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Being completely dependent on the small device may in fact cause you to miss the bigger picture and forget to take care of yourself.

So before you do rush to get the latest app to streamline your business, schedule some downtime. Make a commitment to give yourself some space — some freedom.

We have reached a point in time whereby smartphone business technology has become somewhat of an essential part of life. Use them to your advantage, but don’t forget to turn out the lights when you need respite most.

Damian Coates is a prominent blogger in the IT and technology field. As the Commercial Accounts Director at UK IT support firm Utilize, he is responsible for bringing new innovations and applications to his clients’ attention to better support their business IT needs.

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