Eyeshadow & Glitter Eyeshadow

According to human psychology an eye is the most charming and attractive part specially in females while eye shadows Ideas technique’s makes it more beautiful in old days there were only some specialist which were capable of doing these eye makeup but in now a days it so simple. How to make a brown smoky eye.

It sounds good a smoky brown eye looks great while if you are in search of dramatic look instead of too dark so the brown smoky eye shadows sounds perfect so comes with us and follows us step by step in order to achieve your desired eye shadows. Before going to the steps it is important to understand that what will you need.


An eye shadow  with light brown colors simply called A MATTE

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Eye shadow with dark brown color

Eye shadow with shimmery brown color

An Gold eye shadow

For highlighting you will need a light matte eye shadow

Black eye shadow

Eyeliner pencil of black color


And false eyelashes.

NARS eye shadow base with smudge proof (for step 1)

Eye shadow Wedge MAC (for step 2)

For step 3 and 5 you will need Narsgalaposeyeshadows

Etrusqueeyeshadow for stp 6

Chamomile eye shadow for step 7

Eyeliner for step 8,12, and 15

Step 1

In step 1 you have to apply eye shadowprimer

On all of your eyelid.

Step 2:

Apply a soft brown shadow through and above the crease

Or line with the help of blending brush.

Step 3

In this step we are going to make and build the color you have to add up a darker brown color to the crease while your focused must be on the outer edge.

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Step 4

In this you have to apply shimmery brown eye shadow ideas to the outer half of the eye lid while you have to soften any harsh edges.

Step 5

The dark brown color eye shadow used in step 3 will also be applied in this step for the purpose to lower the lash line while for ultra-smoky effect smudge the brush back andforth.

Step 6

The gold eye shadow Ideas will applied to the 1 third inner potion of the eye lid as well as to the inner corner.

Step 7:

Softly highlight the brow bone

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Step 8:

Use black pencil liner for the upper lash line.

Step 9

For softer effect smudge the liner.

Step 10:

Using the same brush add some matte black eye shadow Ideas and deep the outer edge as well extend it to the outer edges.

Step 11:

To the lower lash line apply liner and smudge it well.

Step 12:

Now go back and deep the top lash line while using a black pencil liner and lightly blend it.

Step 13;

Now here is time for false eye lashes so use it now.

Step 14

At the top and bottom of the lashes apply mascara.

Step 15:

Now apply black liner to your water line

And your smoky eye is completed.


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