Pool Party Vs. Beach Party Attire

True, all the stores are now displaying Christmas trees, reindeer and snowy vistas, but it is never too late to start planning your summer outfits! It comes around sooner than you may think, and what better time to plan an outfit than on the eve of a holiday where gifts are involved? To that end, let’s discuss pool party vs. beach party attire, and what you should look at wearing for each. When dressing up for a pool or beach party, you’ll find that the two styles are very similar.

First and foremost, neither event is very formal. The whole idea behind pool and beach parties is that they are very relaxed and casual events, so dressing up is not necessary and may even look a little odd to the onlookers, nevermind how hot and uncomfortable you’ll get half-way through. Precisely because of the heat, as well as the likelihood of going for a swim, it is actually better to wear light, airy clothing that is easily removed.

Wraparounds, loose skirts, button-up cardigans and tank tops are all good choices. Avoid clothes that are cumbersome to remove, and avoid heavy layers. Silks, nylon, and cotton are excellent material choices. You should be wearing your swimsuit beneath your clothes, so don’t worry too much about modesty.

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Choose bright summery colours too, such as light pinks, yellows, reds, and sky blues. If you are looking to tan, a swimsuit that exposes as much skin as possible is also a must. Bikinis are a very sensible and fashionable choice and work in any setting by the water. Floral patterns or tie-dye can also help make your clothing stand out, as well as giving a perfect taste of the sunny season. Accent all this with a pair of stylish shades, some flowery sandals and a summer hat to keep the sun off your head, and you are ready to go.

However, what’s the difference between pool party and beach party attire anyhow? They are both the same thing, right? Well, yes and no.

Superficially pool and beach parties are very similar. In both, you are heading to a casual spot to swim and soak some sun with friends. However, it is the environment in which they take place that differences start to grow apparent. Namely the fact that one is natural, and the other is not. As a result, your clothes can expect to go through different things during the course of your party, and this should be planned for in the event of a party at either.

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For a beach party, the main problem will be the sand. Sand gets everywhere, including your clothes, and for this reason you should avoid really textured materials such as wool when heading to the beach. Sure, that pink cardigan you have might look so cute with your straw sunhat, but it will not look nearly as pretty if it accidentally gets buried under a sand pile and clogged full of grit. Salt water may also pose another problem.

If they are accidentally splashed with sea water, depending on the material, this may ruin them. Spare your wardrobe this tragedy and choose materials that are smooth and resistant to the rigours of the sea.

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With pool parties, you have a lot less to worry about. Because the area in question is likely a home or a public facility, you should not encounter anything there that you would not anywhere else in town. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: the chlorine. Necessary to maintain the pool clean, as a bleach chlorine may prove fatal to certain materials, or more specifically the dyes within them.

Do your research before attending in your more sensitive outfits, and if you are uncertain then just leave your clothes in a bag or a locker if any are available.

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