Tips To Consider While Redesigning Your Website

Tips To Consider While Redesigning Your Website

Web designing services considers redesigning every now and then. Redesigning your website periodically is very important to keep up with the attest market trends. It helps you in integrating latest web technologies and also helps you in getting rid of unwanted, laid off outdated content. With the launch of latest updates in the techs, our website should be redesigned too to run smoothly in the business. However, few mistakes can ruin your redesigning. Here are four major Don’ts to consider while considering redesigning your website.

The Emergence of Pop-ups:

Popup windows are too annoying at the user end. Moreover a wallow window with the displayed content on the homepage is also very exasperating. Most of the browsers in recent times have built-in pop-up blockers. These blockers can create loading issues or your website. Moreover, it can disrupt the user’s trust on your website if your site is blocked by their browser.   

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 Auto Play Sounds:

Auto play sounds and music are more like an antediluvian version of cassette tapes. In the initial phase of website development, different website designing services were using such auto play sounds to present uniqueness in the market, but for these days it has become more of annoyance than exclusivity. For example browsing a website in your office with a complete professional vibe and suddenly loud music starts while browsing. As for my experience nothing is more irritating than this. Moreover, Automatic music and sounds also creates problems in page loading.

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Tips To Consider While Redesigning Your Website

Vivacious Animated Graphic Interchange Format (GIFS):

Animated GIFs are never a good idea unless you are developing a communal site. These animated small dancing bodies on your homepage make it look unprofessional and outdated. However, you can add GIFs quite happily on your blogs depending on the kind of company you are running considering the fact that blogs are more informal and lighthearted than the other websites.

Google’s Algorithms:

Few years back every website was utilizing Google features called Search Powered by Google. It was simply a search bar on the top of the website. This feature utilizes Google’s algorithm of ranking to track your website’s content. However, having this feature on your site in recent times is not an ideal position. Mainly because you allow Google a free preferment on your website as you are utilizing their technology. By doing so you faced the issue of brand slip-up. Web designing and redesigning both are very important tasks as they affect the usability of your website and its integration of the latest technology and updates. But being conscious of above mentioned mistakes will help you to make it a smooth ride.

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