CT1 – What It Is & Why You Need It!

If you work in a trade as an electrician, builder, plumber or in another such role in a trade, there’s a very good chance you carry a whole host of tubes of sealants and adhesives. All are, you feel, essential to ‘getting the job done,’ however that doesn’t mean that there’s not a number of slightly different products which all do very similar things. What if there was one product, both a sealant and an adhesive, which could replace all of the products you currently use and mean you only have to carry that, not all of the ones which you currently do?

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If this sounds like something you’re looking for, you’ll be glad to know that it does exist and is out there in the form of a product named ‘CT1 – Unique All In One Sealant & Construction Adhesive,’ seen here from Orbital Fasteners. This innovative product is the solution you’ve been looking for and is both a strong hold adhesive and sealant in one! CT1 is able to be applied on both wet and dry surfaces, performs instantly and is capable of bonding almost any materials. This really is the ultimate product when it comes to sealants and adhesives and we’re glad we came across it!

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Not only does CT1 offer a strong-hold adhesive and sealant but has a fantastic resistance to chemicals as well as being anti-fungal. Whatever application you need it for, you can be sure it’s going to perform at least as well, if not better, than the current products you’re using. CT1 can be painted over, you’ll be pleased to know, however it also comes in a total of 7 different colours, meaning that, in many instances, you won’t need to.

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Whether you’re looking to bond glass, wood, polystyrene, metals or other materials, you can rest assured that CT1 is up to the job and that, by giving it a try, you’re sure to realise just how great this product is and how it can help to replace a whole host of individual products with just one tube.

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