The Review About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Data recovery software is something that I use for the best result because it is the matter of very crucial data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is one stop solution to restore the data in Windows. Like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Proalso supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Before sharing more options about it, a very important thing you should keep in mind while installing it that do not install this software to a drive you are wishing to recover. If you do it then you will reduce the chance of recovery the data.

Reviews about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro:

It’s not just only recovery the files that have been lost or deleted but also files from damaged disks, from formatted disks and from memory cards or storage devices. It also helps to recover files after a hard disk crash and can hard drive recovery RAW data.

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Apart from that you can also retrieve the data after the reinstallation of the Windows but files can only be recovered if they have not been written over. The recovery software also helpful in recovering frommemory cards, external disks and camera cards and USB drives. We have taken its test to retrieve the data and it has cleared that test with a good score. The software is able to retrieve a music album to one folder rather than creating separate folders for the music tracks and album art.

There are three scan options are available in the software as recover deleted files scan, complete recovery scan and a partition recovery scan that are very reliable and easy to use. One should not be a master of technology to use it. The deleted file scan can retrieve the data from the recycle bin. It can retrieve the data either you have directly deleted the file.

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The complete recovery system takes long time to scan. It looks for all recoverable files in the system. Partition recovery system is very crucial activity in the recovery process. The Partition recovery scan helps to recover the data from reformatted, damaged or corrupt partitions. You can find the exact file you need to recover by the help of different types of scans options.

Apart from that if you need any technical help and support with Data recovery wizard then you can contact with the developer by the chat or email. You will get the response within two days that shows the adequate for a software company. The company doesn’t provide any professional manual data recovery services to retrieve the data.

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The software delivers a very speedy scan and very good results after Shift+Delete and quick formatting. The most important advantage to use it that it uses very minimum resources of CPU and RAM. The GUI is very easy and comfortableto use.

As in technology, they can’t full fill each and every one’s desire but I personally feel the performance of the wizard somehow slow after normal formatting but apart from these things it is the best recovery tool. Although EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is not totally perfect but it is pretty good to retrieve the data which has been lost due to haste, accidents and other routine activities.

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