Why You Should Change Your Website To A Responsive Site

You may not have noticed, but the web has changed considerably in the last few years, even beyond what was once termed Web 2.0. More and more people are going online not via their PCs but on tablets, phones, phablets and all kinds of other gadgets. As the manner with which we access the internet changes, so do the sites we visit. There are several major changes taking place right now that are altering the web as we know it.

Changing Content

Content has changed, for one: the amount and presentation of information in an article is very different from anything we’ve seen before. Where articles on the internet before were more like newspaper articles, they have now changed considerably to become shorter snippets and listicles. Though this can in part be blamed on modern people’s shorter attention span , it’s mostly due to the fact that we’re now more often than not viewing information on a small screen. A full-length newspaper-style article won’t fit on the average smartphone in a readable font, and zoom is not always reliable. Snippets and listicles, however, easily fit on phones and tablets and leave some room to spare for ads as icing on the cake.

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The way information is brought to us is changing, and this is a very important consideration in web design. Listicles are easily broken up to single-page servings or fitted into easy-to-browse slide shows that will bring in the per-click advertisement money as well and will show up strongly in Google. If you ever want to check this through a SEO audit Bedfordshire companies are more than happy to help. But if you’re unwilling to work within such constraints or your medium won’t fit into it, you may have to change your website’s design to be more responsive.

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Responsive Websites

In this case, responsive websites are sites that will fit themselves to the medium they are shown on http://designmodo.com/responsive-design-examples/. More simply, no matter how you access the website – via the large monitor of your PC or on your smartphone’s browser – the site will adapt to it and display the way you want it to and not in a tiny font or just showing a huge logo (a common glitch). It really can’t be overstated how important it is in this new age of browsing to have a website that is responsive and can deal with all manner of devices that try to access it. It’s fairly tricky to properly design a website that responds to different devices, and most companies are advised to employ a firm that has a lot of experience in this field, such as  wsimk , to do it for them rather than have it done in-house.

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It really can’t be overstated how important it is to adapt your website to the modern age: users are apt to simply browse to another page if they see that your site is not comfortably accessible by whatever device they are using. By acting now, you can avoid falling behind.

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