How To Make Money From Your Old Drilling Machine?

Gun drilling machine or deep hole drilling machine are two terms used for the same drilling equipment and both the terms are accurate in their own senses. Gun drilling machine was first discovered to drill gun barrels.

Let us Know a Little More About It

The speciality of this method of drilling is that they can drill straight and accurate holes with precision. It is also called deep hole drilling because this method of drilling is generally used to dig deeper holes for different purposes. In the present day gun drilling is used in a number of industries. It has continued to be used in armament industries, but apart from that, gun drilling in also used in oil and gas industry, construction, hydraulics, military, energy, automotive, medical, aerospace etc.

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All these industries require deep hole drilling machine for the manufacturing purposes. Such deep holes can be drilled to any lengths and that depends on the design of the machine and the shank rigidity. The precision of the holes depends on a lot of factors, fluid volume, speeds and feeds, pressure, fluid volume, drill condition, lubricity etc. An old gun drilling machine can be put on sale to earn good money out of it if it is still in the working condition. There are a number of platforms on the internet that can bring the right kind of customers for the product as well. Also it can be let out on lease and earn money on a regular basis. There is good demand for used yet decent quality gun drilling machines at factories and manufacturing industry.

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The Intec Precision Equipment Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in the year 1980 and has emerged as the market leader in the drilling equipments, measuring equipments, accessories and tools. It has been providing its customers with high quality products and services for more than 3 decades and has earned a good reputation for itself and the product it manufactures. It offers very affordable and reasonable prices for high quality products. Intec mainly specializes in optical and video inspection systems, measuring equipments and machine tool accessories.

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It has been providing cutting edge solutions to it is customers and has become well known for its before and after sales services, technical support along with its inventory of spare parts. It is one of the leading players in the precision engineering. It has it it’s well trained team at Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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