Lg G Flex 2 Vs Lg G3: Specifications Comparison

At this year’s CES, LG presents the latest achievements in the field of curved screen –G Flex 2, this device uses Android 5.0 Lollipop system, specially treated glass to enhance durability than traditional glass 20 %, and self-healing capabilities also shortened from the original three minutes to 10 seconds. Then this device in addition, curved screen and between mainstream flagship LG G3 those differences still exists? Let’s conduct a detailed understanding of the specifications by contrast.

Size and Weight

G Flex 2 and LG G3 subtle differences in exterior dimensions. Flex relatively thicker as 9.4mm, and LG G3 has designed 8.9mm. Both devices are almost no significant difference in weight, Flex G2 bit larger weight (2grams) than LG G3.


Both devices are close in material terms, and are based on imitation metal plastic.


Same with the previous generation G Flex, G Flex 2 can cover some scratches and scratch repair themselves, but the repair time is greatly reduced, shortening the previous generation of 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

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Color, Screen (size) and Screen (Resolution)

Currently G Flex 2 There are two options, namely red and silver versions. The LG G3 five colors for consumers to choose. Both devices are equipped with 5.5-inch screen.

Whether you like the curved screen, but then the screen resolution for Flex a level lower than the G3, but for everyday consumers, but also to meet the needs of 1080P.

Curved Screen

G Flex curved screen measuring 2 by 400mm to 700mm in radius around.

Display (Type)

Flex curved screen equipped with LG’s exclusive P-OLED screen, compared to the traditional glass screen has better scalability and resilience. The G3 is a traditional IPS panel, which is somewhat similar to the iPhone on technology, iPad and other mobile devices a lot of use.

Glance View

The new LG Banana phone provides a unique feature, which is somewhat similar to Motorola’s Active Display. “Glance View” from the top of the screen when you can see the time when sliding down and notice – even if the screen is off.

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Both devices are equipped with a 3000mAh capacity battery, but in practical aspects of life may still be a little longer standby time G Flex.

Removable Battery

G Flex 2 battery can not be removed.

Fast Charging and Built-in Storage

G Flex 2 integrates Qualcomm’s 2.0 Fast Charge technology allows you in less than 40 minutes of time to charge to 50% capacity.

Both devices offer a 16GB / 32GB two storage options and supports MicroSD card expansion up to 128GB.

Processor and RAM

G Flex 2 with a newer 64-bit eight-core Snapdragon processor 810, which is one of the reasons to bring a long endurance. And LG G3 is equipped with 32-bit eight-core Snapdragon processor 801

LG G3, depending on storage capacity provides two versions, (16 GB storage gets 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage gets 3 GB RAM), but the LG G Flex 2 only 2GB version.

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Both devices are equipped with the same 13 MP rear camera and front camera 2.1 MP.

Laser-assisted Focus

LG G3 camera equipment in the system to assist in focusing the laser device, which means focusing speed is more accurate, faster. G Flex 2 is also equipped with this feature.

OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)

Both devices provide optical image stabilization feature.

Operating System

Currently, LG has released for the push Europe G3 users to upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but US carriers have not yet announced plans related upgrades. The default appearance of Flex 2 is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop system.

Release Date

Flex 2 for sale in Japan this month, but so far has not yet announced US sales plan. LG G3 available in markets from May 2014.


No word yet on what the G Flex 2 will cost. The G3 typically runs around US$600 off-contract.

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