Microsoft Outlook Is Now Available On iOS and Android

Outlook uses by millions of people around the world, Microsoft is trying to catch up with Google and Dropbox have taken the lead in the field of intelligent messaging. And that means likely to please a lot of people. Microsoft yesterday launched Outlook for Android and iOS (phones and tablets), Microsoft actually has deployed an application on the Play Store and the App Store. In other words, you are going to install the famous client on your device, it runs on iOS or Android.

Before going any further, you should know that this tool is based on the Acompli application, acquired by Microsoft in December. In addition, the firm has opted for a gradual roll and it is possible that you can’t still enjoy at home.

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So you can enjoy all the services of the famous Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your Android tablet. Everything can be synchronized with One Drive. Is it free? Not for the general public. Finally, Microsoft has opted for a Freemium model. To enjoy all the features it will go through an Office 365 subscription.

So if you have an Android tablet and want to enjoy it, you know what you have to do. Outlook enjoys a minimalist interface, and stripped. All features of the solution are accessible from a horizontal blue bar placed at the top of the screen. The list of receiving messages appears a little lower under a button to change the folder on the fly.

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On the sidelines, Microsoft has also integrated some useful and practical functions.

Priority Inbox, Support for Multiple Accounts and Universal Search Engine Bonus

The Priority Inbox, for example, will help you distinguish the good from the bad, a little picture of what Gmail offers for quite some time now. Another positive point, the application also includes a calendar so you will no need to change the application to record your appointment.

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Attachments, that’s life. With Outlook, it will obviously be possible to attach documents stored locally on your phone or your tablet, but we can also get them on Google Drive, Dropbox or even OneDrive. Added to this is a universal search engine able to go snooping in your posts, but also in the list of your contacts and even your files.

The application is completely free and is compatible with Exchange boxes,, Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo. On the sidelines, you can also connect the tool to your Dropbox and OneDrive account to take advantage of the rapidly adding attachments.

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