5 Android Games That Your Child Loves

The complete number of Smartphone users throughout the world is projected to cross one billion through the end of 2015 – a particular indication of the ever-increasing popularity of these devices. What’s more insightful is the belief that, over 60% of all mobile phones are Android sets, making the latter easily the most popular variety of smart phones across the world. Keeping pace with the increase already in the market share of Android phones has been the vast range of smart applications

1. Snail Bob 

A gaming app that may be ideally suited to keep small children nicely occupied. The ultimate objective in the game is to direct the snail for the screen towards the exit position. The mobile application framework used to create Snail Bob is effortlessly designed, ensuring that kids are designed for it without any hassles.

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2. Tally Tots 

You may make your little one’s first acquaintance with numerical figures a nice experience, with the help of this app. Designers from any professional cell phone application development company opine that Tally Tots is merely the perfect app to aid kids learn counting till 20. Depending upon the number that a kid is learning at any point, an interactive activity is arranged – to offer a real-world simulation.

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3. Grimm’s Bookshelf 

But if your son/daughter is fond of enchanting fairy tales he will absolutely love the extensive choice of tales stored on Grimm’s Bookshelf. You can examine out the free sample of this Android app first, before shifting to its full version from the Google Play Store.

4. Tap Tap Revenge 

In the field of iphone app development in India for kids and teenagers, this is steadily increasing in popularity. Ideally suited for screen devices, kids need to actually ‘tap’ for the targets – and these ‘taps’ should be in sync with the music beats playing inside the background. There are many alternative layouts and background music to pick from.

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5. Facts For Kids 

This application is dependent on improving the overall general familiarity with the little ones. One interesting part of trivia, from the field connected with academics, sports, or any other random topic, is presented everyday through the app. Apart from enhancing the ability pool of kids, these facts might be directly shared on Face book also.

There are several more games that can be part of the list. Download Play Store  is a good place to find numerous Android games hat will be of your interest.

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