4 Key Tasks For Website Traffic

Having invested heavily in building an online presence, you need visitors. This doesn’t happen by accident. You need to do some work too, but thankfully it doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming.

Get Social

Social Media shouldn’t be regarded as a timesink, it should be seen instead as a valuable investment. Choose your platforms carefully according to your business – for instance go to Pinterest if your offering is largely visual or go to Facebook if you want a sense of community. Twitter is an all-round performer, but make sure you understand and correctly use hashtags. They’re Twitter’s secret sauce.

Build Your List

Your own email list is your private pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and setting up a list is easy enough. Tempt people to sign up by offering a valuable item for free that they can download. It could be an infographic that helps them find solutions to a problem or even an ebook you’ve written on the subject of your site. Once you have a list, even a small one, you can email your people with news and company events, new blog posts or special offers. One word of advice, make sure you’re complying with data protection laws when emailing your list.

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Use Relevant Keywords

You may have heard that keyword usage isn’t important anymore. Don’t believe a word of it. Keywords have as much relevance today as they’ve ever done, with the caveat that keyword stuffing is now frowned heavily upon and can have adverse effects on your rankings. So instead of jamming your keyword into every sentence or paragraph, think carefully what the subject of your article or blog post is about, then focus totally on it. You’ll naturally use keywords as you talk about your subject without having to force them where they don’t sound natural. A little keyword research doesn’t go amiss to help direct your thinking. If you’re struggling, consult a professional locally such as those offered by web design in Milton keynes or anywhere else you happen to be searching.

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Maintain Your Blog

A blog serves several purposes: It shows people your site and the information it contains is up to date, it gives people a reason to come back for another visit, it’s a great way to advertise your expertise in your field, and it encourages people to sign up to your mailing list. Think long and hard about putting a blog on your site. If you do, make a commitment to post regularly because nothing makes a site look more like a ghost town than a neglected blog.

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All these suggestions form part of a digital marketing strategy. If you’re unsure or you’re not getting the results you need hit google with a local search, for instance web design in Milton Keynes will throw lots design business in that area your way. You can, of course, search in your local area.

See your website as your shop window. You wouldn’t leave a physical shop window to gather dust and go out of fashion. Don’t do the same with your online shop window.

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