Features and Release Date Of Apple Watch You Need To Know

Features and Release Date Of Apple Watch You Need To Know

Apple has yet to confirm an exact release date for the Apple Watch, but said it will be available to US buyers from “early 2015. With a starting price of $349, but much about what the device will actually be able to do remains a mystery. Last week apple industry released a set of software tools developers can use to bring their iPhone apps to the Apple Watch. Watch Kit fully confirmed the previous industry speculation, Apple Watch the first generation iwatch and iPhone to run applications that require coordination can be achieved.


38mm Apple Watch screen will be made available in 1.5in and 1.7in screen sizes these will weigh in at 272×340 and 312×390. Apple users do not want to scroll operation, you can see what they want to see in one screen, which is exactly why the map fragment size and the same screen.

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Short / Long Look mode

Lift your wrist and you will see the application currently active in Short Look mode, display application name, icon, and any current information. Users extend the wrist to time the system will enter Long Look mode, display more detailed information. The figure is an example of Short Look.

Apple Chip

Apple creates a new Apple Watch chip S1 SiP, it the processor, Bluetooth 4 and 802.11b / g Wi-Fi functionality rolled into one. The chip is undoubtedly the future will be integrated cellular function: GSM, 3G, 4G, etc. So the real fun began to unfold.


Apple Watch operations mainly through gestures to complete:

– Slide up and down to scroll the screen

– Horizontal Swipe to skip pages

– Using the digital crown can quickly roll page

– Swipe left or right to flip

– Slide the edge of the screen: enter Glance View

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– Slide to the left edge of the screen: Back / Go to the next

– Click to select

Digital Crown

Apple wanted to try to simplify Apple Watch user interface, but also consider the user to slide between files page requires digital crown was born. Using the digital crown user does not need to operate your finger on the screen, which does not affect the viewing angle.


Glances notice or give users a lot of relevant information: hot news, route information or reminders matters. These information “timely, important”, and information may be seen by the user based on context data – time, location and / or calendar to provide.

Force Touch

When the users Force Touch operation, the page is displayed and the user interface associated with the context menu. This may mean, for example, can access the alarm clock, stopwatch and timer, etc. When the user operation Watch application.

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Taptic Engine

When Apple released Apple Watch a special presentation Taptic Engine – linear actuator capable of generating feedback. “Whenever you receive an alert or notification, or perform operations such as operations on the digital crown, press the screen, you will receive a tactile feedback.” That you can also use it to send friends to their favorite touch clicks, but how developers will take advantage of this feature is unknown.

There’s also Bluetooth 4.0 support, WiFi and Magsafe wireless charging support included, and the two models measure in at 38mm and 42mm, respectively.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said, Apple Watch life time of day. After the news that Apple has been looking for new ways to solve life problems, there may be good news for next year.

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