Be a Superman and Care for your Lover

Have you ever thought of the necessity to inspire your friends or family? Do you often send a love sms or write a supporting message?

Sure, you can always drop common phrase like “You, hang on there!” or “Everything will be finer, but is it really the way to show your support, care and love? Some of you may question at once, “Why should I? It is not like we are at war or something!”

And on the one hand you are, fortunately, right, but on the other hand… Doesn’t it give us some disturbing feeling of military actions when you are being yelled at by your lovely boss/spouse/mother for no, or even for just one tiny reason? And, certainly, what hurts more – for no reason at all! Isn’t it just “perfect” when you are being late for an important event/meeting/trip just because of the heavy traffic or your children, or again because of your boss/spouse/mother and you know that it will be blamed on you only And, certainly, what hurts more is when the reason you are late is you!

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We may fail so many times a day, a year, or a life, no matter for what reasons, it still faithfully annoys, destrubs, hurts or even kills us. Most of us just keep it to ourselves and move on Or not… So, every single day there are so many big and small battles and tragedies that you personally or your friends and family experience, that there must be a silver lining. It can be a psychoanalyst for ones and drugs, sex and rock-and-roll for the others (or both), it can be reading of Internet articles that heals or your dog that saves you from despair, but as a rule, it is our beloved ones who can really help out

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We may not always be nearby, we may not always even know the extent of pain or troubles of our dear friends or family, but we certainly can use the power of almighty mobile connection or Internet to show that we care. There is always a spare second to write a love sms to the person you love, let alone to visit and hug him or her Actually, it seems, love sms is the best here. Just think!

1. Love sms can go as far as the North Pole, so distance is no problem anymore.

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2. Love sms can be perfect for the lazy and busy ones who dash and rush within their working day or idle about within their lazy day, so you can anyway inspire someone in no time

3. Love sms will never disturb your friend, even if he/she is being yelled at that very moment by the boss/spouse/mother. (The cases when your love sms does interrupt such processes can be ever desirable).

4. Even if no one is in trouble or experiencing a private tragedy it is always a great pleasure to get a love sms to remind you that you are loved.

Whatever you prefer, you never know when your smile, sincere words of support or a small love sms can brighten someone’s heavy atmosphere or even save.

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