Man With Down Syndrome: Microsoft Technologies To Help More People With Disabilities

Down syndrome is a common disease caused by chromosomal abnormalities, one child born with this disease in the United States of every 691 born babies. Patients often accompanied by mental retardation, malformations and other symptoms, But still now no effective cure, is there for this disease, but with the technology is not impossible to fight with the disease. Hope is not lost, however, proved to be transformational technology in that regard. A 36 years old Carlos De Saro was fascinated by technology old graduate of TEC due Monterrey, technology not only helped him to overcome the challenges of the disease. He tried a lot of the blessings of god.

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As graduate of the best private universities in TEC de Monterrey, Mexico, in Mexico City, he started a non-profit organization with the great goal called Fighting Against Adversity , he used hardware and software through the Microsoft Office suite and he teaches those disability patients to use software tools for Preparation of job skills, help them quickly fit for the jobs by such good skills and also To be job-skilled in today’s workforce. And they have easily contributed members  of society, Finally, Microsoft understands the De saro story and mission after the decision was deeply moved to give strong support. Microsoft’s decided with the help the organization, Microsoft company provided infrastructure such as Windows 8.1 system has very useful and touchscreen device, for the touch-friendly user interface.Paint to facilitate in their learning.

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“Microsoft’s technology is very easiest to use, but also the easiest to learn,” De Saro convince parents of children who suffering with the Down syndrome, so that children can learn through technology to help them live, By Microsoft’s help, De saro also managed to testify, Mexican Congress proved that such technology can help people with disabilities, and as an “inclusion tool” to guide them to accept job training, become active, cheerful, and help them contributing members  of society.

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Mexico Microsoft Technology Center director Celina Carcia Keller said, “When you see socially considered limited the ability of people, but it can work to help and inspire others, it is really amazing.” Adversity organization is currently accepts children 6 to 17 years of age children with the Down syndrome disease, De saro said the organization will be expand the service in the future for providing better services like windows 8.1, office 365, and other apps to the children with Down syndrome .

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