Etiquette When Dealing With A Removal Company London

Sometimes, a person isn’t sure of how to deal with a team of removers and the behaviour they should exhibit. These are a few tips to ensure that there will be a good atmosphere during the move.

1) Be Polite

Despite the best laid plans, sometimes things will go wrong on a day of your flawless well-organised home move. The movers may turn up a few minutes late or it may take longer than anticipated for them to carry some furniture down the stairs due to the size of the furniture. Throughout the move, it’s essential that you behave in a polite, non-threatening manner. If there is something that you’re unhappy about, speak to the removal team calmly, so that they can rectify the problem. Screaming and shouting will only sour the move.

2) The Tip Issue

In most countries, it is the norm to tip a person in the service or hospitality industry. It is the same in removals. The bigger removal companies will pay their staff well, whereas the smaller ones probably can’t afford to. Removing contents from a person’s home can take a long time and it is hard work. Where you feel that the movers have done a good job, tip them at the end of the move accordingly. You should only ever tip where you feel satisfied that the move has gone well and it’s up to you how much you should tip them. A tip should always be discretionary. You should not feel forced by the movers to give them a tip.

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3) Tea and Biscuits

Another thorny issue which people tend to feel unsure about is whether to offer refreshments during or at the end of the move. Most removals company tend to be friendly and outgoing. Usually, you can gauge via the behaviour of the removals team whether to offer them refreshments or not. It’s a good idea to offer any food and drink at the end of the move, when everything is done rather than during it as most companies charge by the hour, so you will end up paying them more if they stop for an hour for refreshments.

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4) Help Where Possible

You are paying the removers to move your property, so they should not be asking you to assist in carrying any heavy furniture, such as beds, televisions or furniture. However, you should assist them in other areas where possible. If they ask you politely to move your car so they can get the van in a parking space closer to the house, then you should move the vehicle without complaint. Open the doors as wide as possible, so the removals team can get in and out of rooms without much difficulty. If they are having problems disassembling some furniture, help them where possible. Moving into a new home is a long process, but it can be speeded up if you contribute to the move in a positive and helpful way.

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5) Create a Jovial Atmosphere

The process of moving into a new home can be draining. Where possible, you should always try to create a jovial atmosphere. Most removers tend to be bubbly and cheerful.

Don’t be afraid to have a light hearted conversation with them. The conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be about the move itself. It can be about anything. If something does go slightly wrong, try to be light hearted about it. Bear in mind, that they are moving your possessions, so it is a good idea to have as cordial and as friendly a relationship with them as possible.

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