Grand Theft Not Just For X-box and PS

The Grand Theft Auto V has been launched for x-box as well as for Sony PlayStation, however gta 5 download PC full version free game release is available online. The full version will run seamlessly and enjoy the game that players around the world enjoy on their X-box or PS. Enjoy the game created by Rockstar North an enhanced version of the Grand Theft Auto series launched initially in 2008.

The Game

The story revolves around three criminals – Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton on different missions and their stories interconnect as they complete the missions. The game is an open space design that allows the players to roam around in the free world based on Southern California and Los Angeles. Players are made to be a part of the action adventure as it allows the players to switch between the protagonists. During several difficult heist missions’ aid from AI-controlled accomplices has been designed to help the single player complete the mission with a unique skill set like driving or hacking computers and more. The accomplice gets a part of the cash reward on successfully completing the mission as well as available for future missions with enhanced skill set. The mission strategies have been designed differently leaving the player with a unique experience for instance the player may storm the venue with guns or subdue civilians. The three criminal characters of the Grand Theft Auto V game has eight skills that improve as the players play, however they have default expertise in each skill. Each character has one unique skill at display. The characters are more from the real world where they contact friends on smart-phones have wives. The players also are allowed to purchase property, trade in stocks, engage in activities like scuba diving or parachute BASE jumping. Players are allowed to upgrade weapons as well as vehicles for each character, customize appearances with outfits and tattoos and more. Players will enjoy the Grand Theft Auto V with gta 5 download PC and be a part of the mission and the story of the three criminals where their lives interconnect at the end of the missions.

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The Players will feel engaged and engrossed completely in the mission however the game has mission checkpoints where they can rest and continue. The action adventure has been innovated and gives the players control of three lead protagonists instead of one that was in the previous series of Grand Theft Auto. The game play mechanics like shooting mechanics including cover system, driving mechanics and vehicle controls have all be worked up on and improved. Music has been licensed by in-game radio with more than 240 tracks between fifteen radio stations. While some of the tracks in the Grand Theft Auto were written specifically for the game. The game has been updated several times with newer missions and gta 5 download PC available for PC users. For instance, The San Andreas Flight School update in August 2014, adds new features along with the vehicles. These mostly relate to the flying school that enhance the mission.

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Enhancements & Review

There are several enhancements made to the Grand Theft Auto V and re-released. Some of the enhancements include more cinematic flavour, fine texture detailing, new wildlife, weather effects have been added and upgraded and a replay editor. A new version will soon be available in early 2015. The Grand Theft Auto V has been awarded and critically acclaimed. It has been awarded at the Inside Gaming Awards as the Most Immersive Game, which the players will agree with once they play the game.

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