Ways To Earn Extra Money Online

Ways To Earn Extra Online

Nothing left in that piggy bank but too overloaded with your existing job or study load to get that second job? Many people are finding themselves in the same situation with the prices of everything rising but wages staying the same. However, did you know that through the Internet there are many ways you can make extra money online without you having to invest as much time as you would at a second job that would only pay you peanuts per hour. Yes it may seem hard to begin with but after the set up time you will find that you will be earning a little extra on the side without much efforts. Want to know how? Read below to find out the new trends to make money online.

Offer Your Skills On Fiverr

Do you like doing anything in your spare time that you think that someone out there would pay for but don’t know how to reach you market? Websites like fiverr is like an ebay but for services. People offer up all sorts of stuff for a starting price of $5. On here you can find people offering their services from making logos to making a video. Some of the stuff is really amateur so you don’t have to worry about being professional to make money online.

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Sell Your Personal Items

Okay so this may seem a bit weird to begin with but you can actually make a fair amount of money selling your used underwear. There is high demand for used panties and people are buying it from all around the world. Not surprisingly this trend can be traced back to Japan but now with the Internet people are selling and buying used panties from all over the place. Craiglists is a common place to start selling your used panties, however, there are dedicated sites that connect panties buyers and sellers. This is a better way to make money from selling your panties, as the buyers are more serious about it. Or if you know how to make a website you can sell directly to panty buyers as then you won’t have to pay commission. Not really something you want to tell your friends about but think about how you can make money doing something you already do. There’s no time investment once you’ve set yourself up!

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Become An Online Companion

Even though the world is becoming more connected through social media many people still find themselves feeling more alone then ever. This is how the trend of being an online companion came into existence. You get paid to keep someone company and it isn’t sexual. A lot of people are just looking for someone to talk to. You can charge people differently for how much time you invest. Is it just a couple of emails a week or is there an hour’s worth on skyping every week. Prices are determined by you and trust me there are people willing to pay.

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There are many other ways to make money online and you should look into it you’re feeling strapped for cash. That hard part is how to get yourself noticed once you have something to offer. This is why fiverr are a great place to get started.

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