Visual Merchandising-What Is The Role Of Mannequins

Visual Merchandising-What Is The Role Of Mannequins

The impact of the visual-83% sight, while the 11% of hearing, 3.5% of smell, 1.55 of touch and the lest 1% of taste.

It is fact that the Visual Merchandising is not rocket science, but it is the backbone of the retail industry, however, here is tough competition among the retail sellers because of identical merchandise is flooded in the market. Nowadays, the VM is not only limited to floor and window display; it is not only limited to fashion and clothing, but it is covering all the necessities, where capture the customers’ attention is the key of success.

Visual Merchandising-What the Statics Show

The studies report showed that our brain processes visuals 60,000 X faster than the text, 90% of info transmitted to the brain are visual, 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes, our 50% brain active in visual processing, and the most important factor that impact the marketing is “40% of people respond better to visuals”

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It is a silent selling mechanism that can not only help to reduce the investment, but also increase what you get returned per square feet, as well as cut the marketing budget, the 3D (three-dimensional) attractive displays can maximize the sales.

The window display is suitable for advertising both, goods or service, it highlights product/item features and benefits, in other words, it is best to accomplish the purpose to not only attract the customer, but also engage and motivate the people to make a purchase and convert the visitor in the buyer. For example, the new arrival diamond jewelry on a mannequin head can attract more customer than jewelry hanging on a traditional hanger for wall.

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Visual Merchandising-What Is The Role Of Mannequins

The physical presentations of items/products use in retail areas such as the retail store or the trade shows, etc. In the daily life we can see some other example of how the retail store owner use the Display heads for show hats, jewelry to encourage the customer to think “ How it would look at me”, the display heads comes with hair or without hair according to needs.

The vintage boutique, gift shop, even the cosmetology, using these dummies to show what they offer or service, nowadays it is also used to post pictures online. In the simplest words, if you are a visual Merchandisers then you have not to only develop and deliver the visual concepts, but also have to promote retail brands, products or the service or you can say increase the sale indirectly in store, in catalogues or the online whatever.

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After, become the expert you can try to work with museums and galleries or create visual concepts for events either as a freelancer, or as the employee. Actually, no one wants to have boring product(s) display in the Window mannequins or in the front window, and the effective physical presentations of product help here.

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