Thinking Of Going Green? Time To Leverage SSI Automation Warehouse Solutions


The issue of environmental degradation has dominated the global debate over the last two decades. Every global forum is touching on the need to reduce energy consumption while at the same time conserving the environment. As an industrial facility manager, you might be wondering how you can make a contribution while at the same time reducing your energy bills.

Warehouse Automation

Well, your warehouse happens to be one of the largest energy consumers in the entire facility. You just have to look at the wastage levels and poor space utilization to appreciate that more can be done to make the place more efficient.
The EPA has already indicated business automation can reduce energy wastage by over 45% especially in large facilities.  There are myriad benefits of going green including:

  • Government subsidies
  • Brand loyalty
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • More productivity
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Green Benefits of Warehouse Automation

How will automation help your company go green? Here are some ideas:

  1. Less energy consumption: Automated warehouses take less square footage and this in turn means you will be lighting, heating and cooling less space. By streamlining operational flow of your products, less energy will be used in moving goods from one point to the other. Regenerative braking which is a feature in SSI automation solutions also ensures less energy wastage.
  2. Enhanced efficiency: On the surface, it might not seem like improved efficiency at your warehouse is contributing to environmental conservation. However, when you consider that no products will be damaged or shipped in error, you will realize that lack of repeat operations actually saves on energy use.
  3. Reduced machinery: A casual glance at your workshop reveals that it is a buzz of activity with machines moving up and down. All these are using energy but Schaefer Systems International Inc. automation systems, reduces the need for such fuel guzzlers. This reduces the need to burn fossil fuels which pollute the environment.
  4. Green packaging: Automation systems in warehouse allow for efficient packaging.  These systems can easily be integrated with green packaging products such as collapsible bins as opposed to bulky wood storage products.
  5. Less space utilization: Industrial warehouses take acres of land and most of it could have been used for better purposes.  With automation, your company will satisfy its need for land and this reduced physical footprint will in turn be beneficial to the environmental.
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There are myriad more benefits your facility will enjoy by going green through SSI automation. These solutions are versatile and can be applied in any type of facility from garment, beverage, grocery, transportation and many others.  They also reduce the cost of repairs at your warehouse.

The automation systems from the company can also be used in other facilities other than warehouses to move parts both large and small from point A to B. they also incorporate receiving systems, automated storage and retrieval, special handling among other components.

The contemporary industrial facilities call for innovative solutions to cut cost while also integrating eco-friendly practices. Automation helps you achieve both in one swoop.

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