5 Things Only Data Entry Operators Can Relate To

The job role of a data entry operator entails entering information into a computer database, whether it be textual or numerical. While that sounds simple enough, only someone who has actually worked as a data entry operator knows how hard their work can be. Here we have compiled a list of 5 things that only a data entry operator can experience in the course of their working life!

  1. Some fingers become pretty stiff

Hours and hours of typing numbers and text on a keyboard does take a toll on the fingers, particularly the right middle and index fingers situated above the numerical keyboard. Pressing the ‘Enter’ key just becomes a force of habit.

  1. You can win any staring contest
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With hours of staring at a computer screen, it is sometimes surprising that you are able to sleep with your eyes closed!

  1. You wish your back didn’t exist
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Since data entry is a desk job and involves one sitting for a long duration of time, some people do complain of lower back pain arising from bad posture. One must remember Swami Ramdev to come to their rescue.

  1. Your belly becomes a tea cup holder

Sedentary lifestyles contribute to an increase in the waistline, sometimes to such an extent that you can place your cup and saucer on it while sipping tea.

  1. Aamir Khan from ‘Ghajini’ would be jealous of you
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And so would be a lot of people, in a time where gadgets and apps have taken over our lives and short attention spans are the order of the day. Since data entry operators need to work with an increased attention span so as not to make any errors, this is a quality that one ought to be proud of.

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