Hiring AC Maintenance Company vs. DIY AC Maintenance

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As a Charlotte resident, one of your home’s most important appliances is the air conditioner. Without it, the home could easily turn into a humid furnace whose air is filled with disease causing micro- organisms. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your AC runs all year round. You can opt to perform the maintenance yourself, or call AC repair experts. But which option is the best?

Do-it-yourself Advantages

For most people, do-it-yourself air conditioner maintenance has the major advantage of saving costs. It means not having to pay an extra amount for a simple task such as replacing a filter.

DIY also allows you to understand the functioning mechanism of your AC. If you’re fascinated by the workings of electronic appliances, maintenance tasks give you the opportunity to learn how each internal component works.

Hiring AC Maintenance Company Advantages

Although saving on maintenance costs is a major advantage for DIY, it might not necessarily be the case. Many air conditioners become permanently damaged after a DIY project. Owners usually have no option but to replace their old AC with a new unit. Hiring a qualified maintenance company on the other hand offers protection against damage. If the technician damages your appliance, you’re eligible for compensation.

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Air conditioner manufacturers will usually work with specific repairs and maintenance companies to ensure that their client’s appliances are in top condition. In addition, the air conditioner warranty is usually applicable if the appliance is well maintained. Hiring a repairs and maintenance company can help you enjoy the benefits that come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

AC maintenance tasks can take hours to complete. If you don’t have any prior experience, it could take longer than usual. During this time, your air conditioner isn’t working to keep indoor air clean. A repairs and maintenance technician is trained to get the job done within the shortest time possible. If you don’t want to spend a few days without air conditioning, hiring a maintenance company is the better option.

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Air conditioner repairs and maintenance companies will usually have customer loyalty rewards systems. These could include reduced prices for repeat business or additional service at no cost. These businesses also offer free advice regarding issues such as how to operate your AC to save on energy. While these benefits might be overlooked, they will go a long way in ensuring your AC system remains functional for years.

Trying to perform maintenance tasks on air conditioners comes with its risks. Safety measures need to be observed at all times to protect yourself from the possible health hazards which include electric shock and exposure to dust and allergens trapped within the unit.

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When to Opt for DIY AC Maintenance

  • If the task is simple and outlined in the ACs user manual
  • If DIY doesn’t violate the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty

Keeping your air conditioner well maintained is the only way to ensure that you enjoy clean and cool air when you need it. DIY maintenance might seem like a way of saving money but as you’ve seen, hiring a repairs and maintenance company offers more advantages and even possible savings.

So if you live in Charlotte and need to hire a repairs and maintenance company, call One Hour AC Charlotte for the best services.

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