Features Of The Ideal Website Localization Service For Your Website

Features of the ideal website localization service for your website (1)

Website localization is today a necessity and not a luxury. Advantages range from giving user a good user experience and getting more conversions and business, but there are features of a software that need to looked at before localizing. 

Website localization is the modification or adaptation of a website to the local culture, language and practices according to the geography of your market interest. Website localization software and services are becoming more important every day as more and more markets become accessible with the advent of the internet and e-commerce.

Being able to reach more consumers with a multilingual website has become a number one priority for business owners.

Advantages of Website Localization

  • Increases your market size and your ability to attract consumers
  • Website localization services let you appeal to niche/ small segments of the population which communicates strictly with their mother tongue and avoids any global language
  • A localized website gives users a better user experience as it becomes easier to navigate.
  • Better user experience usually translates to higher lead conversions
  • Chances of your website becoming popular through word of mouth campaigns are greater if you have a multilingual website.
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We have shortlisted a few features that you need to keep in mind if you wish to shortlist a website localization service. 

E-commerce Support in Multiple Languages 

The biggest advantage of having a localized website is being able to sell your products and services throughout the World. However, one aspect which is usually overlooked is the help desk / customer support that is provided. A localization software can easily translate your website to your desired language, but they are not able to provide customer support in the local language.

This can be a major challenge for your business as fresh lead may prefer to first interact and then buy your products. Inability to converse with consumers in their choice of language will result in a lower conversion.

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Use of Independent Localization Servers 

Software providers must use independent localization servers as this makes the process of localization completely agnostic of the framework used by developers to make your website. Using this process each page of your website can be easily localized, without having to manually translate each page of your site.

Avoids Freely Available Online Products 

Your software provider must avoid all freely available online plugins and tools that manage the localization of your website. Free tools and plugins usually give a very poor user experience and should be avoided as far as possible. Also, these plugins and tools may not be compatible everywhere.

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Process9 for Website Localization 

Process9 is an advanced software solutions provider that can easily fulfill all your software needs. They can help businesses with complete end to end solutions for localizing a website in real time without even changing the server codes or the CMS.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Process9 can use its products MOX technologies, to easily manage your website’s localization. It allows businesses to translate all their static content into the languages of their choice without creating any new HTML page.

MOX wave and MOX gateway are also proprietary software that give you a superior localization than many other paid and free plugins and tools.

Process9 is at the forefront of all software advancements and can easily complete any customized request that you may have.

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