5 Ways To Keep Cool In Summer

It’s hard to keep cool in an unexpected heatwave. While air conditioning is not worth the expense for most British households, there is no doubt there are occasions when it is desperately needed.

In July 2015, the UK experienced the hottest day for a decade, and the extreme temperatures sparked several health warnings.

With more hot weather predicted, here are five simple tricks to keep cool without increasing your electricity bill:

Keep your Curtains or Blinds Closed

There is a reason Mediterranean homes have shutters. When the sun is blazing they help to keep the home cool. Throw open the curtains and your indoor temperature could be up to 20 degrees higher.

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Keep Hydrated

According to the NHS you should increase your fluid intake to prevent becoming dehydrated in hot weather. Drinking more will also decrease your body temperature. Just make sure you don’t undo the benefits by adding alcohol to your cooling summer drinks.

Take a Tepid Bath or Shower

Although it is tempting to take a cold shower, your body will actually generate more heat to compensate for heat loss. A tepid bath or shower at a temperature slightly lower than body temperature will be more cooling.

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Cool Down the Conservatory

A conservatory conjures up images of summer evenings, relaxing with glass in hand. In reality, what most of us get is a greenhouse, generating copious quantities of heat and rendering the entire space unusable on hot days. You can modify your conservatory by installing solar inserts. These solar inserts by polycool fit easily onto roof panels or polycarbonate sheets and will keep your conservatory cool.

Get Outside

Cranking your oven up to 400 degrees to cook your evening meal will raise the temperature in the kitchen. Leave the door open and this heat will waft around the house in no time at all. When the sun is shining, put your summer furniture to good use and consider a barbecue. It’s fun, tastes good and is a good excuse to meet the neighbours.

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It is not always possible to escape to the nearest beach when the mercury rises. Many of us have to continue working, even in the height of summer. Next time you are struggling in the heat try our simple tricks to keep cool.

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