Top 10 Foodie Cities For Food Lovers

In the same way that people choose where to live based on the schools, transport systems and health facilities in the area, food lovers choose the cities to visit based on how good the food is in the cities’ big restaurants and how good the chefs are in their culinary skills. It is not just about eating and calling it a day for food lovers. It is all about having their taste buds challenged and discovering new ways to make different dishes and getting desired flavors and textures for different kind of food. Based on perspective these are some of the top 10 cities for food lovers.


Washington D.C has a very high approval rating due to its highly qualified chefs. It was formally famous for its luncheons but it has since grown and is now regarded as one of the most brilliant foodie city for food lovers. Apart from the tourist hotels that serve the best delicacies, there are also other small entities owned by individuals that serve foods that would really impress any food lover. These small restaurants are famous because they are headed by celebrity chefs. Some of the dishes on the menu are handmade pasta, baked beans and slowly cooked stews. This are served in a restaurant known as Founding Farmers. Another example of such a restaurant is the Husband and Wife Team. To get fast service in this restaurants, it is advisable to get there early.

Omaha, NE

All food lovers that love some steak will fall in love with Omaha. It’s famous due to The Drover. This is a restaurant that deals with steak. They say you have not tasted meat until you have had some from this place. Although this gives you a great feeling of having the best meat, it is not the only place in Omaha that serves a delicious meal. Some of the restaurants in Omaha have been awarder Best Chef’ awards by James Beard. This goes to show that there is really great talent there.

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Boulder, CO

This is a city known for its outdoor adventures. It is famous for good markets, restaurants and food purveyors. The food is made from natural ingredients. This makes it easy for anyone to try the recipes at home. It is also good since the food is not filled will too much of processed items. The most famous restaurant in Boulder is Tea House. It offers the best dining experiences in the city.

Burlington, VT

Burlington is famous for sticking to using their local ingredients in making food. This is important since they maintain an individual uniqueness. They are no longer focused on American cuisine only but have tried to make their menu a bit more diverse. The city has organic farms that have remained profitable to the residents and have contributed to ensuring that this city is on top when considering cities for food lovers. This is a great city to visit if you are looking to taste food that has been made by maintaining cultural ways.

Berkeley, CA

This is perhaps the city with the most food scenes. It has food trucks, restaurants, cafes, bistros and many other locations that serve various delicacies. This is especially important for those who do not have a lot of money to visit the big restaurant. This is because the quality is maintained in all these food locations. Therefore food lovers have access to great food every place they go in Berkeley. However what is of great uniqueness is the fact that the owners of these scenes create a personal storyline about the scenes that ties them to the community. This creates a sense of belonging.

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Transverse City, MI

This destination had a very low profile on food previously. However things have changed in recent years. It is now famous for serving delicious food and wine to many food lovers. It became famous when most famous chefs started doing their thing in Transverse city. This happens in the form of cooking competition for the chefs. The competitive nature has led to many upcoming and star chefs making a good name for Transverse city when it comes to food.

Boston, MA

Most food lovers previously referred to this city as bean town’. This is because that was the only thing that was being served there in most restaurants. However, from the 90s, there has been great improvement. Small scale chefs have over the years made Boston rise from drab to fab. The Lynch Hotel received an award for most outstanding’ hotel in the country, this goes to show that there is a great step up. All food lovers should definitely try this out.

Asheville, NC

This city is mostly known for good beer. However, the places that sell this beer are also known for very good food. Asheville is surrounded by farms. Therefore, the food scenes in this city use fresh vegetables for their meals. Food critics have commended them for doing so since their food tastes better this way. The farms also have an advantage because there is continuous produce and meat from the livestock. Brewers also get raw materials from the farms.

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New Haven, CT

New Haven is very famous for its big restaurants that date back to the 1980s. An example is the Louis’ Lunch, which is believed to have come up with the sandwich hamburger. A food lover would definitely love to visit this place. This is because if they did, they get a chance to taste a wide variety of foods. This is both the old versions and improved recipes. Residents from New Haven are known to eat out more that Americans do. Their food is freshly picked from farms which make it easier for them to make dishes.

Scottsdale, AZ

Most people say that tasting food from this city might just be enough to make you not want to leave. It has the most places for people to eat out. The restaurants serve a wide range of foods like Italian and Mexican. Bodega Market is famous among chefs. It is where they get fresh vegetables and protein foods. This city is also known for having high quality ingredients.

Food lovers ought to get their ESTA and begin their journey to these exotic locations.

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