Flavours You Must Try For Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake

A wedding cake is the centrepiece of the wedding ceremony. It needs to be decorated in such a manner that it grabs the attention of all your guests. A dull and boring wedding cake will not make the cut. Even if you like things simple, your cake can have a simple yet elegant look to it. But a well decorated cake is not enough. No one will like it if your cake looks great but tastes terrible. The flavour you choose for your cake is also extremely important.

If you are not finding your desirable flavour for your cake in the retail bakeries, you can get one easily using the cake shop in Jaipur online order facilities. Ordering your cake online provides a large number of options for your cake flavours. With so many options in your hand you need to know about each flavour a little better so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your guests. Don’t just get a flavour which only you and your partner likes, take one which will be liked by majority of your guests.

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Some of the most popular wedding cake flavours are:

Flavours You Must Try For Your Wedding Cake

  • Pink champagne– This cake flavour has become quite popular nowadays. It is a unique as well as yummy flavour which will leave your guests wanting for more. You can top your pin champagne cake with vanilla butter cream and a raspberry mousse. It is perfect for the couple who don’t mind their cake being bright pink in colour. This cake is made by adding champagne to the batter instead of water. This adds a wonderful flavour to the whole cake.
  • Luscious lemon– If you are a fan of the tangy flavour, lemon is the way to go. It adds a little zing to the cake but is not too citrusy to ruin the whole taste of the cake. You can layer a tangy lemon cake with sweet tasting berry compote. It is a perfect choice for those couples who plan to have a summer wedding as the flavour is quite refreshing. You can even choose to add fresh fruit to the filling to add more flavour.
  • Hazelnut almond– Cakes which a full flavoured are a favourite for all. Hazelnut almond is a rich and flavourful cake. If you like the nutty flavour of it, then this cake would be perfect for your wedding. When this cake is paired with, mocha butter cream, raspberry preserves and dark chocolate ganache, this cake just tastes heavenly.
  • Ginger spice– For the couple who likes things a bit spicy, ginger spice flavour is the match made in heaven for your wedding cake. This cake goes very well with vanilla bean icing, real maple frosting and hot chocolate. Walnuts on top add an extra crunch to it.
  • Coffee and cream– There are many people who can’t start their work for the day without having their morning cup of coffee. For such people who are a big fan of coffee, this flavour is perfect. A regular chocolate cake having coffee butter cream will certainly make a buzz- worthy cake.
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