Food Festival Weekend- A Foodie’s Paradise!

Food represents a common link of communication among people belonging to various classes and culture. Food is extremely important to any society. A person’s taste can be defined by the kind of food they prefer. A food festival is a time when people celebrate food and even different eating habits.  These can be held annually, monthly or even weekly. It is a way to unite people of various communities through celebration of various kinds of foods.

Food festival weekend is a time when a number of food festivals are held back to back. People of various cultures get together and with them they bring their cultural food. These are extremely common in the West and take place at least once a month. Here you can find not just some of the best local cuisines but also some lovely international delicacies.

The Theme Food Festival: Held after a Specific Interval

  • A food festival weekend is usually held from Friday to Sunday. Every food festival has a specific theme or a cuisine that it hosts for example, a Thanksgivings theme food festival or a Mexican Food Festival. Throughout the weekend, the festival might host more than a single cuisine.
  • Various stalls are set up and people from all walks of life come to enjoy the food. Along with food, the festivals are also accompanied with music and dancing. It is a complete celebration.
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Some of the popular food festival weekends which are held in the world every year are:

Napa Valley Food Festival, California: It is held by the Culinary Institute of American and is a food and wine festival. The most posh vineyards of the region make up the venue of this festival. It is one of the most renowned festivals in the world. Cheese and Wine are the top most ingredients of this food festival weekend. This festival weekend usually takes place in November.

White Truffle Festival of Alba, Italy: This food festival weekend is held in the months of October and November. White truffle is the most important ingredient of this festival and attracts a large number of people from outside of Italy. Along with cooking and wine tasting, this festival also hosts a beauty pageant and world famous Jazz performers. The entry to this festival is based on invitation only and the hosts spend over $130,000 on white truffle alone.

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Mistura, Peru: The largest food festival that is held in South America, Mistura’s theme this year is Biodiversity and Nutrition. This festival is known for its authentic Latin cuisine. The festival is expected to be held in September. A total of half a million people attend this festival to witness cooking demonstrations and wine tastings.

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival, Ireland: This seafood festival is held in the month of September. Oyster tastings are an essential part of this festival. Along with this a colorful parade and live music are what make this event a breathtaking experience.

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Mid-Autumn Festival, China: Held in the month of September, a traditional fire dragon dance featuring more than 300 people adds to the uniqueness of this festival. This festival is more of a prayer rather than celebration. The Chinese families pray for food, lotus seed moon cakes and bake sweet. At the end of the festival, lanterns are released in the sky which is a highlight of the festival.

Similar to these, there are over a hundred food festival weekends in the world every year. These are also a major tourist attraction as people from various parts of the world want to be a part of the biggest celebrations. These festivals are also a great way to meet new people. It helps people understand each other’s cultures and diversity. Moreover, these festivals offer a few days of finger-licking food!

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