How To Increase Your Cake’s Shelf Life?

Cake is a perishable item that does not last long if it is not properly taken care of. All the cake manufacturers and bakers take special measures to not just prepare the cakes but also to keep them fresh and last for at least a day or two. So how does it happen and what things are necessary to keep your cakes fresh and tasteful as they are bakery fresh even after 2-3 days. You might have seen various bakeries keeping cakes at room temperature while some are in the fridge for whole day. Also you must wonder how you can order online to send cakes by post with 2-3 days gap and they are still fresh on reaching the destination. It is because they take relevant protective measures to keep the cakes fresh as well as maintain their flavors. The freshness of a cake also depends on its type and the ingredients used in it. Not every cake is same and thus requires unique set of measures to retain its freshness for long hours. Here are a few expert tips that can help you to keep your cakes fresh and charming as they have just come out of oven and can be served as it is.

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The cakes without frosting are much easy to handle as they do not have that layer of frosting and topping to be ruined while you save it for more than a day. So for such unfrosted and uncut cakes, use a tight plastic wrapping and wrap its top sides and bottom. You can use zip-lock wrapping bags for preserving these cakes and keep them at room temperature and they would give you more than 3-4 days with fresh and tasteful flavor.

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Frosted cakes are somehow self protective as the frosting on them acts as a protective shield against the air and moisture. You can keep a frosted cake at room temperature by covering it with a cake cover or cover it with a bowl to save it from heat, dust etc. in the air. This can keep your frosted cake last longer for about 3-4 days easily.

Cut cake or sliced cake is much more difficult to protect as the moisture can instantly escape. What you have to do is put frosting on the edges of slice or if you do not have frosting then just put the plastic on the slice side and let it stick well there. Then you can store the cut cake similar to the uncut cake like cover it with a cake cover and keep at room temperature.

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Cakes only need refrigeration when your room temperature is hot or you do not have proper environment in room to keep the cake. Suppose you are using heating or cooling system to adjust room temperature which is not feasible for cakes. Hence, all frosted, unfrosted, uncut and cut cakes can be refrigerated only with proper plastic wrapping. However, you need to unwrap and let it get normal at room temperature before serving. Frosted cakes can also be refrigerated by chilling them first to let the icing harden and then wrap the cakes in plastic to refrigerate.

These are some of the few tips to let your cakes stay fresh and moist even after few days.

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