7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Tomato Ketchup (infographic)

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Tomato Ketchup (infographic)

Ketchup is not just for flavor; it has health benefits, too. The concentrated amount of tomatoes, 4 tablespoons equals a ripe tomato, means 3 mg of Lycopene per 100 gm serving.

Lycopene is an important phytonutrient that lowers the risks of macular degeneration and night blindness, heart disease, bone loss, and breast and prostate cancers. It also may prevent damage to cells at the DNA leveland also benefits the skin by blocking UV rays and makes skin smooth.

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Lycopene was also recently found to increase male fertility by 70%. Each serving is low in calories with 0 fat, and in each serving, ketchup provides carbohydrates, Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. You can make your own ketchup easily at home, too.

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Bestjuicerchoice.com have created an infograph where you can learn health benefits of Tomato Ketchup.

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Tomato Ketchup (infographic)

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