The Features Of The Eco One Portable Bluetooth Speaker

People always try to look for the unique things in order to own something better than others. In case of music, one of the most important things is the speaker. The music lovers always look for something different and attractive when it comes to the matter of buying a new speaker. For this reason, many companies try to bring different types of speakers which the customers will like. But, not every design will be liked by the music lovers. At the same time, some speakers get higher amount of attention from the music lovers.

In this article, we will be discussing about a recently introduced portable Bluetooth speaker. The name of this type is the eco one. And, the company which has brought this portable speaker for you is theĀ Ecobeat. With the help of this article, we will be explaining different types of features of this speaker, if you really want to know more about this portable Bluetooth speaker, then you have to read the rest of this discussion without having any break.

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Features of Eco One Speaker

Completely Portable

The 1st feature which we will be discussing now is the portability of this speaker. You will become surprised to hear that you can easily carry this highly portable Bluetooth speaker anywhere at any time. If you are a music person and you like to enjoy music anywhere you go, then this is the perfect speaker for you. The small size of this speaker will also help you to keep it in any pocket of your bag. The length of this speaker is only 7.2 cm. Now, you can imagine how small this speaker is. At the same time, you will get an eco friendly bag made of cotton with this portable speaker. You can also use the cotton bag to carry it at the time travelling anywhere.

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Controlling the Speaker with your Phone

This can be another great feature of this portable Bluetooth speaker. If you pair the speaker with your phone using the Bluetooth option, then you can easily play or, stop the song with the help your phone. At the same time, you will also get the option of changing the sound tracks with the help your phone. You can also pair the speaker with your laptop and many other devices.

There are also many other features of this Ecobeat portable Bluetooth speaker which you can get to know reading other articles about this speaker.

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