How To Keep Your Spa Or Pool Free From Leaves And Debris

Theres nothing worse than a pool or spa with lots of leaves and other debris resting on the bottom. It gives an impression of a dirty pool and its also pretty unpleasant to walk on as well. Maintaining clean water is vital and no matter how clean the water actually is, leaves and other bits and pieces need to be removed regularly before they start to rot and deteriorate and contaminate the water. Although most people will cover the pool or spa when not in use, leaves will always fall in once the cover is removed and the pool is in use again.

If nothing else, its absolutely vital that you keep your hot tub clean and that, of course, means keeping it free from leaves – one of the primary cause of debris in hot tubs year on year. To take a look at what can help, however, weve teamed up with to answer a few questions!

There is one particular item though that can make quick and easy work of removing the offending leaves and other debris. Invest in a Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vac and the job will be simple. It has its own on-board motor and a unique super suction propeller which enables the vac to agitate the water and keep the debris and leaves moving so they can be sucked up into the large debris bag. Its a method that prevents blockages unlike some of the other pool vacs on the market which operate via a garden hose. Its extremely quick to set up. Just attach the reusable bag to the top of the cleaner, and attach any telescopic pole to it before pressing the button to start the propeller. Place the vac in the water and its ready to start removing the debris and piles of leaves from the base of the pool. If youve also got leaves floating on the water then simply use the vac upside down to skim the leaves from the surface. Youll get between 2 and 3 hours running time; plenty of time to remove leaves on several occasions before the batteries need changing.

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