From Assam To Delhi – Making Most Out Of The Trip

From Assam To Delhi - Making Most Out Of The Trip

Delhi gives one so many reasons to cherish memories throughout life. The people here are known for their genuine hospitality, lavish lifestyle, and a busy work routine. Now, for someone travelling from the beautiful Assam to Delhi for the first time, there are ample of opportunities and choices to spoil the tourist. The East meets the North, and to make it a memorable affair, here are a few recommendations to explore Delhi in the best possible way.

The first and foremost thing to do is to check out the hotels in Delhi that fit the budget and have enough facilities to satiate the needs. Consider the hotels in Delhi near railway station or airport first, since these are the most feasible choices one can make for easy commuting within and outside the city. If a business trip is intended, then Delhi has a host of glittering 5 stars to facilitate the need precisely. Otherwise, there are a zillion options available in budget and 3 star range, especially if one is looking for hotels in Delhi near railway station.

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Start with buying a guide to tour Delhi, and plan the itinerary wisely, since there are so many spots worth visiting that it would take atleast a month to explore the city fully. Such guides are easily available at any railway station, or any local bookshop. Even the online travel guides can suffice the need very conveniently. Start with the most visited monuments to know about the city’s past. One gorgeous place in Delhi is the Mughal Gardens, which one must not miss at any cost.

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Next, head straight for food. The best thing about Delhi is that there isn’t a need to know of a specific place serving finger licking food because the city is brimming with such eateries and vendors at every nook and corner. But yes, there are some highly recommended spots that you must know. Chandni Chowk, Paharganj, Bengali Market, etc. are oozing with delectable street food. Apart from this, there is a maddening variety of cuisines from around the country and world, found around the city in the finer restaurants and lounges.

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It has now become easier to get the train tickets booked online, thanks to IRCTC. The best option from Assam to Delhi is the 14056 Brahmaputra Mail. One can even track the PNR and running status of the trains now on several travel apps and portals. Search for 14056 running status, and there it is! All quick and done. Delhi awaits you eagerly. Hurry up!

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